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  Appreciating Literature
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  -----How to Look at Great Art -Tools for 1-36
  -----How to Look at Great Art -Websites list
  -----How to Look at Great Art -Works in 1-36
  -----List of DVDs watched from 2016 onwards
  -----Museums and Art Galleries - visit online
  -----Private Life of a Masterpiece - works
  Beginners Watercolours
  Bird Watching
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  Cards for Pleasure
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  Easy Rides Cycling Group
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  -----August 2019 Newsletter
  -----Cambrian Explosion
  -----Classification of Minerals
  -----Continental Drift
  -----Ebbor Gorge - 2018-02-19
  -----Geo Lending Library
  -----Geo News 2017
  -----Geo News 2018
  -----Geology - How to Find a Dinosaur
  -----Geology - Studying On-line
  -----Geology Agenda 1-12-17
  -----Geology Agenda 1-9-17
  -----Geology Agenda 2-2-18
  -----Geology Agenda 2-6-17
  -----Geology Agenda 3-11-17
  -----Geology Agenda 4-8-17
  -----Geology Agenda 5-1-18
  -----Geology Agenda 6-10-17
  -----Geology Agenda 7-7-17
  -----History of Earth in 75 mins
  -----Hydrothermal Mineral Deposits
  -----Identification of Minerals
  -----Kinds of Rocks
  -----Mary Anning
  -----Mass Extinctions
  -----Middle Hope - 16-10-17
  -----New Cut 2017-11-20
  -----Nibs Hanging 31-07-17
  -----Plate Tectonics
  -----Plate Tectonics and the Mendips
  -----Sea dragons of Street
  -----The Beginning - Life
  -----The Core of the Earth
  -----The Formation of Minerals
  -----Theropods and Birds
  -----Tor Hill 21-08-17
  -----Vallis Vale 19-06-17
  -----Wells stones 2018-01-22
  -----Wookey Hole to Split Rock - 2017-09-18
  History (Eastern Civilisation)
  Italian Conversation
  Jazz, Swing & Crooners
  -----Featured Artists
  -----JS&C Playlist: 2017-11
  -----JS&C Playlist: 2017-12
  -----JS&C Playlist: 2018-01
  -----JS&C Playlist: 2018-10
  -----JS&C PLaylist: 2018-11
  -----JS&C Playlist: 2018-12
  Life Sciences
  Local History
  Making Music
  MOTO (Members On Their Own)
  Music Appreciation
  Open Minds
  -----Topics discussed from 2010-
  Opera Group 1
  Opera Group 2
  Out & About
  Painting for Pleasure
  Petanque 1
  -----Coronavirus Update
  -----The Grand Opening
  -----Wells Boules Competition 2019
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  -----2017 - 2018 book reviews
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  Walking Group 1
  -----1st Covid rules walk
  -----Abbotsbury Walk
  -----Ashcott Walk 21
  -----Avalon Marshes Walk
  -----Baltonsborough Walk
  -----BBQ Walk 2019
  -----Beckington Walk
  -----Binegar walk
  -----Blagdon Lake
  -----Bleadon in Spring sunshine
  -----Burrow Mump Walk
  -----Butleigh Walk in May
  -----Charltons Walk
  -----Charterhouse Walk
  -----Chew Stoke in April
  -----Chewton Mendip in February
  -----Chewton Mendip Walk
  -----Compton Dando Walk
  -----Congresbury Walk
  -----Croscombe and Dinder Walk
  -----Ditcheat Walk
  -----Edford & Harridge Woods
  -----Farrington Walk
  -----Galhampton Walk
  -----Glastonbury walk
  -----Keinton and West Lydford Walk
  -----Long Sutton Walk
  -----Nunney walk
  -----Old Down Walk
  -----Pilton walk in January
  -----Priddy Walk
  -----Rodney Stoke Walk
  -----Rowberrow walk
  -----Rowberrow Walk 2021
  -----Steart Marshes Walk
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  -----Walk and Christmas lunch
  -----Walking Reports 2020
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