Past Events

Hog Roast 2017

The event at Rowdon’s Sports Ground, was once again a jolly occasion held inside. If we had put up the gazebos, we did not fancy retrieving them from somewhere in Wells due to the high wind, the wind even made opening the door to the Sports Centre a challenge.

The Girls Await There were plenty of willing helpers, which made the task easy and fun.

Frank As you see, Frank our expert pig roaster did not even do his cooking outside. Although only a half a pig, it provided us with more than enough to spare.

Pre-lunch Chat About 70 members graced the event, with plenty of pre-meal social interaction. Eventually the meal was ready to serve.

The Feast is Ready Bill drew our lunch to an end with thanks to all and in particular Margaret and David, the main coordinators.

Quiz Evening, Feb 2017

Quiz Supper Our Chairman Bruce put a now well-orchestrated plan in force again with his team of trusty helpers. 14 Quiz teams of 6 took part, with Benny and the Jacks leading the Bird Brains into first place by 79% to 78% so a well-run race. Open Minds came a close third with 73%.

The well-planned refreshments were pre-trayed for easy delivery by Ginny and her team. The picture shows the members taking a well earned break as well a completing the picture round to keep them awake.

Bruce, et al £600 was finally put together for the St Lawrence Centre. The picture shows members of the committee displaying the St Lawrence banner.

A good evening was had by all.

Carols at the Barn, 2016

Virginia very kindly hosted this event again this year.

We A Reading started the afternoon with a glass of Mulled wine to loosen up the vocal chords. While this was having its splendid effect we listened to some professional carols on CDs. Spliced in with the well-known carols that we sang, Virginia rendered a couple of Christmas readings. One of these was an insight into what the Health and Safety might have on the characters of the Christmas Story. The idea of shepherds needing to watch over their flocks, on CCTV from a warm hut, did not have the same ring as sitting out among the stars of the more traditional tale.

After The Company an hour, which flashed by, the company broke up to enjoy the traditional sweetmeat with more mulled wine. Thank you Virginia, and A Happy Christmas to You and All

Christmas Lunch, 2016

Christmas lunch winning table Our venue this year was the White Hart Hotel where we then had our regular Friday Wells U3A coffee mornings. Over 50 members had an excellent meal, cooked and served by the friendly White Hart staff.

To help fill in the time while we got our chosen meals there was a fun quiz about Somerset and anagrams to solve of countries and rivers of the world. The winning table is pictured.

Harvest Supper 2016

Our annual event this year had a new angle to the Harvest theme.

Instead of having a raffle for charity those that came brought tins and packets of food to be taken to The Trussell Trust Food bank for needy people, with one of its bases at Cheddar. We discovered that our area is quite well catered for at present, which was good to hear. The donations amounting to an estimated £130 was destined for Bristol, where of course a need still exists.

After Peter entertaining us grace by Bill, again we were treated to a fish and chip meal, followed by some naughty but nice sweets; organised by Bruce and Ginny. Before and after the proceeding, a veritable army appeared from nowhere it seemed, to set the tables and guide the cars into a more sensible arrangement! A local farmer, Peter Tinney, gave us a most amusing account of his first years at school. This splendidly rounded off the evening. A good night was had by all.

AGM 2016

On the 7th of July, some 70 members attended what was to be a very important day for Wells U3A.

Diana Holsworth Our meeting was interestingly opened by the South West’s Area Representative Diana Holsworth. In this role she attends meetings on the NEC (U3A Head Office) in London, as well as looking after the wellbeing of all the U3A’s in the SW.

Handing Over the Cheque Following Diana, a local dignitary of Riding for the Disabled came to receive a donation of money collected during our Charity Quiz evening during the February of the this year.

Jane and Bruce Apart from the usual things that has to be done at AGMs, we had to say goodbye to two of our Trustees Rosie, our business secretary, and Jane our Trips organiser.

Rosy and Bruce New members joined the committee to replace these. These were Lynda to replace Rosie, and Val to replace Jane. Chris came in as a new member to increase our numbers that had become rather thin.

We welcome them. The rest of the team agreed to stand for a further term in office in their various roles.

It had become obvious to the committee that when things got difficult, which they had this year, our existing constitution was not up to the job. With a lot of hard work by our Chair Bruce in conjunction with the NEC and the Charity Commission, as well as much anguishing of the committee, a new constitution was presented to the meeting. All members had been sent copies of it in advance.

We Our Noble 10% only just had a quorum (10% of the membership) to enable this to happen. The new constitution was indeed accepted with great relief to the committee. An on-line copy of the Constitution (7/7/16) is available.

Hopefully, as the new one stipulates the maximum time anyone can serve will encourage a more regular set of members, particularly younger ones, to come and give back a little to this great organisation for folk of our age. Struggling to get 10% of the members for such an important meeting was certainly a bit sad.

Our Chair doubled as the entertainment with a couple of well-chosen yarns, which certainly left members smiling. Well-done Bruce.