Best possible Cribbage hand

The best hand is 3 fives and a Jack, with the remaining five being turned up and belonging to the same suit as the Jack.

Scoring CombinationsPoints
Jack with each five (four 15s)8
4 permutations of 3 fives (another four 15s)8
4 fives12
Jack of cut suit (one for his nob)1

There are 4 possible ways of getting a hand like this (depending on the cut suit) making the chances of being this lucky are 1 in 216,580!

You can read lots more about cribbage statistics on Wikipedia at Wikipedia: Cribbage Statistics or, if you're new to the game, see how it's played at Wikipedia: Cribbage Rules and how to play well at Wikipedia: Cribbage Strategy.

To keep up our hopes, we have a cribbage board like the one depicted.