It's a good book session when there are conflicting opinions and when we met to discuss our latest book the psychological thriller 'He said, She said' by Erin Kelly this is certainly what we found. The story is an analysis of an alleged crime where generally there are no witnesses ie rape hence the title of the book. We all agreed that it was a page turner and that there were some interesting surprises and a good build up of tension but that is where our agreement ended. Those who liked the book thought it was well structured with a gripping story and a good ending. They thought the characters were well formed and interesting. Those who did not like the book found the writing and story over the top, the characters unlikeable , which is not important, but also unbelievable.

The novel also traces the stages of an eclipse and we discussed the relevance of this although we did not reach a conclusion.

Erin Kelly is a competent journalist and It was suggested that this book was probably written with television in mind.