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Hints. tips and advice for Page Editors

It's very easy to edit pages on this site, and many are already being looked after by Group Leaders and Committee members. Some training is necessary but, if you can send an email, you already have most of the requisite skills. The sessions are more about building confidence than mastering arcane incantations and ongoing support is available for anyone who needs it.

  • If you're a group leader (or nominated member) and interested in becoming a Page Editor, click on the carrier pigeon icon to send a message to the Webmaster.
  • Browse the SiteBuilder Documentation
  • Go to the Oversights pages to see what other groups and branches are doing
  • Download an illustrated Guide for Page Editors [reproduced by kind permission of Alan Paul, website administrator for Ravenshead U3A]
  • Download our Advice for Page Editors document
  • Read the Support Team's list of answers to ongoing problems after security clamp-down (especially if you have uploaded MS Word documents to your pages - see below for help on converting these to PDF documents).
  • Click on the carrier pigeon on this page to ask questions, get help, make suggestions about improving the site or request a copy of the monthly Page Counts to see how often your pages are viewed.

Further information

Mac users will normally find Preview as standard which has a good selection of picture manipulations including resizing under the Tools tab.

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