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Wells University of the Third Age (Wells U3A) was founded in 1993 and is a registered charity, no.1023275. We are part of the National and International U3A Trusts. The U3A button at top of page will give you more details. You can read about The Formation of Wells U3A by following this link.

The administration and finance of Wells U3A is dealt with by a committee of Trustees elected from within the membership. Our current annual membership subscription is £12. A copy of our Constitution (4/4/18), Data Protection Policy and Privacy Policy are available on-line.

Based in the beautiful city of Wells, Somerset our U3A offers retired and semi-retired people a chance to come together and learn together, sharing skills and life experiences and enjoying social events. In October 2018 we are celebrating the successes of our 25 years together by hosting a buffet lunch with magical entertainment. We hope that as many members and past chairpersons as possible will be there. In addition the 25th Annual General Meeting in November will be enlivened by a huge birthday cake and bottles of fizz!

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Earlier this year following the untimely loss of Bruce B. we were pleased to welcome a new chairperson to head up the committee. Mike Lee, who has been a member of Wells U3A for 11 years, our Membership Secretary since 2015 and Newsletter Editor since 2014, agreed to step up to the post. The committee is fully supporting the role changes now taking place as jobs are swapped and additional members co-opted to enable Mike to undertake his new responsibilities.

Currently there are over 700 members of Wells U3A – this represents a huge pool of potential talent available to run and continue to improve the work of this organisation.

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