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Who We Are

Wells University of the Third Age (Wells U3A) was founded in 1993 and is a registered charity, no.1023275. We are part of the National and International U3A Trusts. The U3A button at top of page will give you more details. You can read about The Formation of Wells U3A by following this link.

The administration and finance of Wells U3A is dealt with by a committee of Trustees elected from within the membership. Our current annual membership subscription is £12. A copy of our Constitution (4/4/18), Data Protection Policy, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy, Privacy Policy and Safeguarding Policy are available on-line.

Based in the beautiful city of Wells, Somerset, our U3A offers retired and semi-retired people a chance to come together and learn, sharing skills, life experiences and enjoying social events.

At the moment, after 27 successful years, our U3A is partially supended, due to the current Covid restrictions. Many activities have been postponed, but thankfully some of our groups are continuing to operate in a different way.
Zoom has become a valuable alternative for indoor groups and a number of outside groups can meet following the government guidelines.

Our 2020 AGM was postponed, to be reinstated when possible. The Trustee and Finance reports were approved and sent to members with the Autumn Newsletter.

Monthly talks, which used to be live events at Wells Museum, are now delivered online, very successfully, with speakers covering a wide range of topics. Coffee get togethers haven't disappeared either with some members meeting in groups of six and "zooming" coffee has become a regular Friday morning feature - a great way of keeping in touch. Click the "IT & Equipment" button on the Contact page to get connected.

We had planned many events, outings and a holiday to Devon .... these remain on our agenda and are only delayed until they can be reinstated.

The committee continues to function, running Wells U3A behind the scenes, preparing for the future when our lives can return to normal.

Rest assured that we are determined to return as a thriving U3A, offering our members lifelong learning and friendship. We are here to stay!

To become a member use the “How to Join” section above.

To volunteer, running a group or offering your life skills to enhance our U3A, use the “Contact” section above.