Talk Report: 2019-09-11

Wednesday 11 September

Nigel Laurie

What’s the use of Philosophy in your Life Today

If you thought that philosophy is not relevant in this day and age, think again. Almost 80 members attended our September talk, and now I’m sure have cause to ponder, reflect and deliberate on the topic presented. It was stimulating, food for our grey cells.
With wit & charm Nigel managed to simplify the direct correlation between life and values described by Aristotle in ancient Greece compared with the codes and values we have for life today.
Born in 384 BC and one of the founders of Western philosophy he advocated a fulfilling life lived in accordance with virtues such as courage, generosity, friendship and self-respect and above all practical wisdom. Stressing that we are social beings he stressed the importance of family, friends and engagement in politics in living well. He so inspired his world then that truly astonishingly his legacy remains important and highly influential today.