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Staying Well during Social Distancing and Isolation

1. Establish a daily routine: routines provide structure and purpose. Keep a diary.
2. Balance your weekly routine: have a good mix of activities that have to be done, as well as relaxation and exercise.
3. Set daily goals: to provide purpose and a sense of achievement. This might include working through that list of the things you keep meaning to do but never get round to.
4. Identify the triggers that make you feel low: if this could apply to you, look for ways to reduce or manage them.
5. Talk with family, friends and neighbours: using the phone, skype or facetime. They can support you by sharing experiences, listening and catching up with the latest ideas on how to manage your new "at home" life.
6. Take care of yourself: eat and drink healthily with plenty of fruit, vegetables and water, to help boost your immune system and energy levels.
7. Avoid staying still for too long: exercise and regular movement will maintain fitness and strength. Time to clean those cupboards, garden and re-visit an exercise routine you have long since abandoned.
8. Have a good sleep routine: if you are struggling, try avoiding tea and coffee in the late afternoon and evening, take a bath, listen to gentle music or deep breathing exercises. Practice meditation, prayer and relaxation.
9. Keep in touch: Arrange to speak to someone most days on the phone, through social media or over the garden fence. Age UK and Silverline have people to speak to. The Wells Coronavirus Network has local volunteers in your area who are there to help and support you if you need it.

A team of us are available at the end of a phone for those of you who don't belong to a Group, who may feel isolated and would like to talk, please give us a ring. Please use the "Contact" Page to contact either the Acting Secretary, Chairman, Group Representative, Newsletter Editor or Talks Organiser, who will happy to talk to you.

You will also find some useful links to the right hand side, including Stay Safe Online, Some walks you may enjoy and Some Easy Cycle Rides.

Finally, you'll find an enjoyable small quiz about Wells written in verse! by Maureen's daughter. In case of problems, the answers are there as well! Also, some pictures from the Cycling Group to test How well do you know the local area, now including some answers.

Waitrose, Tesco and Morrison's are making available the first hour of opening as a priority shopping time for the elderly and vulnerable.