Geo News 2018

Links to Some Recent Interesting News about Rocks & Fossils

Dinosaur footprints found in Skye (April 3rd, '18)

Decade of fossil collecting gives new perspective on Dinosaur emergence (March 29th, '18)

Early birds too hefty to incubate their eggs? (March 22nd, '18)

Free Open Learning study course on Life in the Palaeozoic (March '18)

Insect/spider/crustacean ancestor had simple brain but complex eyes (March 9th '18)

  • Geology Page: insect ancestor eyes - Geology Page news article

Photosynthesis originated 1bn years earlier than we thought (March 6th '19)

  • Geology Page: earlier photosynthesis - Geology Page news article

127 million year old baby bird fossil sheds light on avian evolution (March 5th '18)

Interactive globe showing earth through geological time (February '18)

Did ocean tides drive ancient fish to walk? (February '18)

Dinosaur extinction one-two punch (February '18)

Oldest compound eye (February '18)

UK quake (17th February '18)

Dinosaurs 'too successful for their own good' (6th February '18)

Erasing a billion years of geologic time across the globe (1st February '18)

2 billion year-old natural nuclear reactor (26th January '18)

New analyses undermine a popular theory about an intense asteroid storm 4 billion years ago (24th January '18)

Insects took off when they evolved wings (23rd January '18)

508 MA bristle worm from Burgess Shale wriggles into evolutionary history (22nd January '18)

Do Large (Magnitude ≥8) Global Earthquakes Occur on Preferred Days of the Calendar Year or Lunar Cycle? (17th January '18)

Buckingham Palace built with mineralised microbes (18th January '18)

Stone contains compounds not found in solar system (10th January '18)

Lewisian Gneiss (how it moved around the globe over geological time) (9th January '18)

Ocean bottom sinking under weight of melting glaciers (8th January '18)