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This page is for news, notices and details of the next ride. If you want to post anything here please email Arthur or Graham.

Ideas for rides

Bob has kindly provided a collection of routes for day rides that he has been compiling while living in Street and, more recently, Coxley Wick. The lengths of the rides range from 3 to 70 miles! Click on the following links:
Day rides from Street, Day rides from Coxley Wick

Posted 21/05/20

All rides cancelled until further notice

With regret I have to announce that our Group cannot officially go out on organised runs for the foreseeable future mainly due to the inevitable close proximity we will be to each other at times, eg helping with punctures, at stops for lunch (packed lunches no more cafes, pubs for several months), plus of course we have been told not to go out unnecessarily for fear of catching the virus as most of us are in that 70+ bracket. What you do amongst yourselves I have no say in, but you should all have a copy of each others tel. numbers and email addresses which was sent out late last year, so we can all keep in touch with each other.

In the meantime keep dreaming up new and interesting routes for when we can eventually get back on the road as a group. Please try to avoid cross contamination and stay well.

Posted 18/03/20

Safety goggles over specs
I know that some of the group were interested in safety goggles over spectacles like I wear to stop my eyes watering while cycling.

They came from Amazon, type in "Safeyear Safety Glasses over Spectacles-SG009". They cost £19.98 (not £14.98 I quoted), free delivery, antifog, anti scratch and UV protection, so reasonable price if they do the job and they do.

Posted 28/02/20

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