November 2015 meeting Report

There Robin in Wells were twelve of us at RSPB Greylake yesterday morning, so many in fact that we attracted the attention of the Warden, when we all emerged together from one of the hides, and he asked us who we were!. We started birding in the car park before setting out for the hides, because one of the feeders had been newly stocked, and there were plenty of small birds attracted by the food. Including several Reed Bunting, which were good to see.

We Kingfisher then walked on towards the hides. Before we reached the first one we all had excellent views of a Kingfisher, which obligingly kept on perching for us, instead of being its usual "speedy, low flying flash of iridescent blue"! When we reached the first hide we were treated to hundreds of Wigeon, dozens of Teal and smaller numbers of Mallard and Shoveler. There was also a rather somnolent Buzzard, taking absolutely no notice of a marauding Crow, which tried valiantly (but without success) to chase it off. There was also a very elusive Snipe in front of the hide, which eventually allowed most of us a less than perfect views of it as it skulked in the reeds.

The Mute Swan on the Levels second hide yielded little extra except a pair of Warbler-like small birds flitting about rapidly. They eventually turned out to be Goldcrests, and briefly showed off to most of the group. Great White Egret Among Canada Geese On our way back to the car park we added close-up grazing Lapwing (previously limited to large distant flocks in flight), a Kestrel and four Little Egret to our morning's sightings and also heard a Water Rail (which predictably kept well out of sight). But on arrival at the Car Park, it started raining quite heavily, so the meeting was called off an hour early and we returned to Wells.