Ashcott Walk 21

Thursday 2nd September – Ashcott

Walk Leaders: Nick and Allan

A rather grey, dull day but dry and not cold, just the day for a walk. So eight of us set off from Ashcott, down Pedwell Lane and into the fields, downhill all the way until, beside Greinton, it went abruptly UP through a field of near-thigh-high lucerne. And still on up but the view from the coffee stop at the top of the ridge was worth it despite the murkiness in the air.

Then a wooded path along the ridge before heading into Loxley Wood to cross the A39; more woodland path through the northern half of Loxley Wood brought us out into fields again. A stretch along the lane towards Shapwick and then across more fields back to Ashcott; as we were now walking the other side of the ridge we had views across to the Mendips. A pleasant, varied walk with just the one hill to climb.

Back to the pub which had recently lost its chef and so could not provide meals but was quite happy to let us eat our sandwiches inside with a welcome drink.