July 2019 meeting cancellation

With regret I have decided to cancel the planned additional meeting on 23 July at 4.00 pm to try and see the Stone Curlew in Wiltshire. The reason for this is that yesterday I undertook a further recce of the site and discovered to my dismay that the grass in which I saw them in early June has now grown too high for the birds to be visible! There was a patch of bare earth in front of the area where they had been but that also yielded nothing, except two juvenile Kestrel. I have my doubts as to whether the Stone Curlew would have tolerated the nearby presence of raptor chicks, so it is possible that the birds have relocated elsewhere.

I will use my best endeavours to ensure that we programme a visit to this site next breeding season. In the mean time I can only apologise for the unpredictability of birds!