A Keen Bunch of Birders Fifteen of us went to Shearwater this morning - a good turnout and a friendly day weather-wise. On arrival we scanned the open water and found three hybrids obviously based on the Indian Runner (I wonder where they came from!), also many Mallard, and nearly as many Great Crested Grebe, principally in pairs. One pair subsequently gave a rather half-hearted courtship display.

Turning into the woods we first saw a family party of Long-tailed Tit, and heard at least one Great Spotted Woodpecker drumming. To our surprise and delight a Red Kite drifted rather aimlessly by, but was only watched for seconds before it went out of sight behind the trees. We heard but did not see Green Woodpecker, but for the next half hour it was mainly really common birds we encountered. Then, near the lake a Treecreeper was found and we subsequently saw two more of these elusive little birds, one of which was conveniently sharing a tree with an acrobatic Nuthatch. At the far end of the lake a Grey Heron was perched next to the water whilst a Little Egret and several Cormorants preferred perching higher up in the trees. We carried on up the track beyond the lake and were rewarded by the sight of a small flock of Goldcrest feeding in the conifers. Finally, as we reached the car park ready to return to Wells, another Great Spotted Woodpecker was heard by all and seen by a few sharp-eyed folk.

Altogether a good morning, but it was a shame we didn't manage to see either the Grey Wagtail or the Marsh Tit for which we were hoping.