Talk Reports 2020

Wells U3A Talks during 2020

The beginning of the year got off to a great start when the Bishop of Bath and Wells, Peter Hancock, gave us a positive and warming talk on his faith, work and family. The Museum was packed.
In January, Janet Diamond, a self-taught amateur historian, specialising in Egyptology, gave a colourful, illuminating talk on Tutankhamun’s father and predecessor, Akhenaten, ruling only for 17 years out of the 3,000 years of Egyptian civilisation. But his reign was radical and controversial; a fascinating story!
Joshua Eva and Marian Leigh, solicitors in Wells, were due in March to talk about “Wills and Lasting Power of Attorney,” an important subject for many of our members. However, ill health prohibited this, and at the last moment Sarah Villiers stepped in with a look at Victorian “Downstairs” life in the household at Lytes Carey Manor, here in Somerset. This interesting talk was given in Saraha’s very engaging and inimitable style.
Then came Covid. However, we looked around for an alternative to our live speakers, and found a ready source in Mirthy.co.uk, online. We’ve been well entertained and educated, with topics as disparate as “William Morris and the Arts and Crafts Movement” and travels in Tibet. Our first Mirthy speaker was Neil Sadler, who spoke about “Gongoozling for Beginners” or canal cruising for those who’ve not done it before! Then followed Pen Turner’s inspirational story of why and how she took a trip round the world “Travels with a Penguin.” We later followed this up with her talk “Travels with a Penguin to Antarctica.” (The penguin was a cuddly toy she took everywhere with her!) Alan Clements gave us “Tibetan Journey,” opening our eyes to this closed, oppressed and beautiful country; a country embroiled in expansionist aggression from China. The subject of politics brings us to the timely October talk about “US Presidents in Bits and Pieces” by Joe Mendell, and we finish the year on a criminal note with “The Brink’s-Mat Gold Bullion Robbery.”
Wells U3A has been pleased to be able to bring you these presentations from its funding reserves, ie, from your membership subscription, without which we can do nothing! We hope you’ve enjoyed both our live and online speakers. We have a full line up of live speakers booked for 2021, and we look forward very much to them stimulating, educating, amusing and entertaining us; see you next year!

John K