Geo News 2017

Links to Some Recent Interesting News about Rocks & Fossils

Knighthood for Bristol volcanologist Stephen Sparks (December 30th '17)

Complete Continental Drift Globe (December 19th '17)

Fossil orphans reunited with parents after half a billion years (December 13th '17)

Molecule that kick-started life on earth? (December 11th '17)

Pterosaur eggs reveal early life of flying reptiles (December 2nd '17)

Interactive map of climate through geological time (November '17)

When tectonics killed everything (November '17)

Feathered dinosaurs (November '17)

Ichthyosaur fossil discovered for first time in India (October 29th '17)

Earth’s interior is teeming with dead plates (October 22nd, '17)

Free to download Earth Heritage Magazine (October 15th, '17)

Plate Tectonics' 50th Birthday (October 14th '17)

Geology Society of London Photographic Competition Winners (October 11th '17)

New evidence on how birds took to the air (October 10th '17)

Squid was Last Meal of Newborn ichthyosaur (October 3rd '17)

Plate Tectonics' 50th Birthday (October 2nd '17)

Oldest traces of life on Earth may lurk in Canadian rocks (28th September '17)

Interactive Pangaea Map With Modern International Borders (27th September '17)

Early trilobites had stomachs, new fossil study finds (24th September '17)

‘Mysterious’ ancient creature was definitely an animal (16th September '17)

Pregnant Ichthyosaurus (28th August '17)

Cambrian Explosion Cause (August '17)

Trilobite Eggs found (August '17)

Impact of Geology on Stonehenge Tunnel (August '17)

Make your own customised, printable UK Geological Map (July '17)

Book recommended on OU Geology Society Facebook Group (July '17)

Plate tectonics (June '17)

Why is Glastonbury Festival so Mudddy? (June '17)

Volcanoes and Dawn of Dinosaurs (June '17)

Vary Belated Earthquake Alarm (June '17)

Coastal Rockfalls (June '17)

Early Oxygen Production (June '17)