Trip Report - January 2015

Eight of us failed to be discouraged by my email of yesterday and turned up at Ash Lane early this morning. The journey to Cary Moor took half an hour and was a new birding site for most of those present. By common consent it is an excellent site. Also the weather was spring like - except for a very strong west wind, which had a most adverse effect on the birding experience! .

The fact is that small birds do not like a high wind, which tends to blow them about in a way they clearly find uncomfortable. So they skulk! And in particular, they stay hidden from birders like us!

The exception to this rule today was the Redwing, of which there were well over 100, which insisted on showing us their flying skills throughout our visit. We also saw Mallard, Gadwall, Teal, Shoveler and Tufted Duck in a small pond on the reserve, which also - in hope - housed a nesting bank for Sand Martin.

Sadly, however, the small birds which were such a feature of the recce only 24 hours earlier, stayed hidden from us and there was no sight of the Yellowhammer, Reed Bunting, Siskin and Marsh Tit for which we were hoping. On the return route to the cars, however, we did have good views of a pair of Stonechat, feeding amongst the willows and perching on top of protective plastic tubes so we could see them. The species count for the morning was a disappointing 26.