Geology Agenda 7-7-17


  • Introduction
  • Plate Tectonics and the Mendips - Steve
  • Coffee/discussion
  • DVD Lecture (Continental Drift)
  • Discussion
  • Next field trip - Jean

Steve gave an excellent presentation, illustrated with many chunks of rock to give us a feel for the different kinds making up the Mendips and a chance to see the fossils that some of them contain.

As they'd been superceded by subsequent research findings, we skipped the first 2 lectures (Origin of the Universe/Solar System) on the DVD set and start with no. 3. This was generally well-received and felt to be at an appropriate level for most of us.

Doug couldn't make it to the meeting, so Jean will contact him and see if he's willing to lead another field trip (Arthur's Point) before the next meeting. If so, she'll circulate details and co-ordinate the transport/parking.