Geology Agenda 2-2-18


  • Mass Extinctions [Palaeocast Ep. 23]
  • Tea/Coffee
  • Membership renewals and Data Protection reminders
  • Waiting list
  • Website updates [GeoNews]
  • Promised presentations [Gaia, Map that Changed the World, Mineralisation]
  • Next field trip
  • Alternative transport for projector/screen during Jean's holiday
  • DVD lecture [Kinds of Rocks]


  • 5 members had not so far renewed their U3A membership
  • Refusing permission for an email address to be shared means no group emails will be received after April
  • Lots of new stuff on our website after the Xmas/New Year shutdown for repairs
  • Stephen had been unable to complete his Mineralisation preparation due to upgrade problems on his PC.
  • Doug would like to guide us around Ebbor Gorge, but this is obviously weather-dependent and might be on Monday 19th or deferred to subsequent week (12th is half-term).
  • Walford offered to transport equipment for our May meeting