Yate & Sodbury District


This section includes our monthly social meetings and also future dates for many of our groups.

Due to the Coronavirus we have cancelled the following events due to take place in Chipping Sodbury Town Hall on
Friday 16th October -- Open Day

The risk assessment for Town Hall events is on the right.

There are still places available for our first talk since lockdown. It will be held on Friday October 2nd at 2pm when we will have a talk by Jackie Harris in Chipping Sodbury Town Hall. She will speak about the life of Sir Peter Scott and how he has inspired the worldwide conservation movement.

There is a risk assessment available on the right and this is how we see the talk working.

50 people in all will be allowed into the hall and you will need to book in advance, with me, Moira Jenkins by phone, 07788111626 or email, jenkinsmoira0@gmail.com Please include a telephone number for track and trace purposes and your U3A number.

I will need to know if you are an individual or a couple so that this information can be passed to the Town Hall and seats will be allocated. The seating will be in the usual rows for fire regulation purposes. Your names and phone numbers will be recorded for Track and Trace. Face masks must be worn at all times in the Town Hall and if you require refreshments, you are asked to bring your own and take away any rubbish. The speaker will also be wearing a face covering.

The Town Hall will be open to members for the talk from 1:30pm. On entering the Town Hall there will be a one way system with hand sanitisation available. Please keep socially distanced and there will be markers on the carpet to assist you to do so. If you need to use the toilet, there will be a queueing system with one person at a time being allowed into the toilets. You will be asked to wipe the toilet down with provided antiseptic wipes.

The back door will not be open for people to enter but it will be opened in case of fire by the Town Hall Staff when the meeting starts. The car park can still be used.

To give the Town Hall time to sort out the seating, please can you register with me for the talk by Sunday 27th September. I will reply to all emails and messages left on my phone.

Dates for your Diary
Fri Oct 2nd Talk : Jackie Harris from Slimbridge
The life of Sir Peter Scott and how he has inspired today's conservation movement worldwide.
2pm Chipping Sodbury Town Hall. See the Town Hall risk assessment on the right.
Fri Oct 16th 2.00 Open Afternoon CANCELLED
Chipping Sodbury Town Hall
Fri Nov 6th Liz Attwood : Volunteering in Asia after retirement
2pm Chipping Sodbury Town Hall
Fri Jan 8th 2021 Dr Carolyn Morton -- Drugs, Alcohol and Poisoning.
2pm Chipping Sodbury Town Hall
Fri Feb 5th 2021 Dorothy Cook -- Midwifery in Developing Countries.
2pm Chipping Sodbury Town Hall
Fri Mar 5th 2021 Janet Diamond -- Experiencing Egypt, 3 unforgettable years in Cairo.
2pm Chipping Sodbury Town Hall
Thu Apr 15th 2021 AGM : Brad Ashton -- The Job of a Laughtime
Brad is a retired comedy writer and fraud expert. In the past he provided material for countries all over the world. Among the British comedians he has written series for are Tommy Cooper, Les Dawson, Dick Emery, Frankie Howard, Bruce Forsyth,
David Frost and Bob Monkhouse. Early in his career he was head waiter for Groucho Marx. He has written 5 books So far.
2pm Chipping Sodbury Town Hall
Fri May 7th 2021 Martin Lloyd -- Passports, Assassins, Traitors and Spies.
2pm Chipping Sodbury Town Hall
Fri Jun 25th 2021 Speaker tbd
2pm Chipping Sodbury Town Hall
Fri Jul 23rd 2021 Speaker tbd
2pm Chipping Sodbury Town Hall
Fri Sep 3rd 2021 Speaker tbd
2pm Chipping Sodbury Town Hall
Fri Oct 1st 2021 Speaker tbd
2pm Chipping Sodbury Town Hall
Fri Nov 5th 2021 Speaker tbd
2pm Chipping Sodbury Town Hall
Social Events
Mon Dec 7th 2020 Christmas Concert
2pm Chipping Sodbury Town Hall
Fri Oct 8th 2021 Open Day
2pm Chipping Sodbury Town Hall
Wed Dec 15th 2021 Christmas Concert
2pm Chipping Sodbury Town Hall
Earth Sciences and Geology
Tue Oct 6th 3pm -- On Carboniferous flora and pre-dinosaur animals.

How turbulent changes in climate shaped the biodiversity of the period. We look at early plants, trees and coal; then we delve into the far-reaching evolutionary split between the amphibian line, the reptile line, and the mammals-to-be.
History & Social Studies - 1
Wed Oct 21st Richard Carter
Confessions of a Book Seller
Wed Nov 18th Richard Bush
German Occupation of Guernsey 1940/5
Wed Dec 16th Christine Cole
Gardens of a Golden Afternoon
Thu Oct 1st October Monthly Meeting by Zoom: Review of September project - Colours, shapes and textures PLUS presentation on wartime Chipping Sodbury
Thu Nov 5th November Monthly Meeting by Zoom: Review of October project - Autumn Colours
Thu Dec 3rd December Monthly Meeting by Zoom: Review of November project - Heavens above
Thu Jan 7th 2021 January Monthly Meeting by Zoom: Review of December project - The way things were PLUS Review of members Autumn 2020 Personal Project
Travel Group
Fri Nov 13th
→Mon Nov 16th
Turkey & Tinsel 2020
The Travel Group are pleased to announce that they have managed to reserve 8 double and 8 single rooms (no supplement) at the Membly Hall Hotel in Falmouth on the 13th November 2020 for a 4 days, 3 nights holiday. The cost of this holiday including trips to Truro and St Ives is £209.99 per person on a half board basis.
The hotel has a Spa, Sauna and Short Mat Bowls and further details can be found on the Hotel’s Website: https://www.memblyhallhotel.co.uk
Demand for this trip is certain to be high and these rooms can only be guaranteed until the 20th February. So if you wish to participate in this trip, please complete the Booking Form on this webpage
Wine Appreciation 3
Tue Oct 6th Inaugural meeting at The Watkins Room in The Old Grammar School, 730pm.
Italian Alternatives (Stuart Hobday)
Italy is home to some of the oldest wine producing regions in the world. It is also the largest wine maker by volume, producing a third of the global wine production. So why is it that we seem to know so little about Italian wine? Why is it that the Italian white of choice is Pinot Grigio and the best know red is probably Chianti?

Tonight we’ll investigate some alternative choices from the length and breadth if Italy and see if it helps to improve our knowledge.
Tue Nov 3rd How to Taste Wine and Develop Your Palate (Chris Hills)

Learning how to taste wines is a straightforward adventure that I hope will deepen your appreciation for both wines and winemakers. Look, smell, taste—starting with your basic senses and expanding from there. I hope to take you through the basic steps in how to appreciate wine. I will go through a few wine tasting tips that are practiced by sommeliers to refine their palates and sharpen their ability to recall wines. Even though this method is used by pros, it’s actually very simple to understand and can help anyone to improve their wine palate. While evaluating wine helps you to expand your knowledge and develop your palate the emphasis will be on having fun and tasting a range of different wines which we will be able to evaluate together.
Tue Dec 1st What those little words on the wine label mean (Peter Heffer)

If you look carefully at the bottom of the label on the back of your wine bottle you’ll sometimes see words like Vegetarian, Organic, Bio-dynamic, Contains Sulphites. What do they mean? What does it imply if they’re not there? We’ll try some good examples of such wines while chatting about the very different ways that wine can be made. A final thought - what does it mean if your wine bottle doesn’t have a label on the back, but just on the front?”