Yate & Sodbury District

Executive Meetings


The executive committee of the Yate & Sodbury District u3a consists of up to twelve members each nominated member serving up to three years. When the number of nominated members is less than twelve, other members may be co-opted onto the committee for a year.
All committee members including those who are co-opted are automatically trustees. Trustees are responsible for the general control and management of their u3a and must carry out their duties within the context of the constitution.
Ideally each member of the committee should have a designated office and/or role, sometimes a newer committee member acting as an assistant initially.
Some roles can be shared by two committee members.
Certain roles may be held by non-committee members of the u3a, these members would then be invited to report to committee meetings but not have a vote on decisions made by the committee.


  • Chair
  • Vice-Chair
  • Business Secretary
  • Treasurer


  • Assistant Treasurer
  • Membership Secretary
  • General Meetings & Social Events Organisers (2)
  • Group Co-ordinators (2)
  • Accessibility
  • Newsletter Editors (2)
  • Web Managers (2)


  • Assistant to Business Secretary
  • Assistant to Membership Secretary

The Membership Secretary and a Newsletter Editor or Web Manager could be non-committee roles.

You can see the list of current Executive Committee members and their roles on the Contacts page.

If you are a member of Yate and Sodbury u3a and might be interested in joining the Executive Committee, you would be very welcome to attend one or more meetings of the Executive committee as an observer. Alternatively, you might just wish to join. In either event please contact the Secretary via the link on the right of this page. The AGM is held in April, so nominations need to be received in time for the meeting. (see 'events' for dates)