Yate & Sodbury District


There are opportunities to meet committee members in person at the AGM held in April, the Open Day held in October and at Speaker Meetings held on the first Friday of each month during the year.

2020-21 Officers

Chair Janet Stuart
Vice-Chair Patrick Mills
Business Secretary Lute Van der Park
Treasurer Marilyn Heffer
Events Organiser Barry Miller
Groups Coordinator groups A-J Binny Fraser
Groups Coordinator groups K-Z Patrick Mills
Accessibility Patrick Mills
Membership Secretary (including change of members’ details) Pauline Clark
Newsletter Editor Jean Crispin
Website Manager (non-exec) Robert Cole
Beacon Administrator Janet Stuart

Our membership continues to grow year-on-year and we endeavour to ensure there are enough interest groups to accommodate our membership. If you feel you have anything to give, please let us know.

If you are interested in becoming a member then please use the link below to contact the Membership Secretary who will send you further details.

Use the links below if you wish to contact Officers.

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