Following on from the tremendous response at the recent meetings we are pleased to announce that several of the Groups you are interested in have started.

Many others are waiting to start – all they need is someone to get the ball rolling.

The convener or coordinator, whilst not necessarily taking a learning lead, should be prepared to take a central role within the Group and guide the members through the planning programme and administration of the initial series of meetings relevant to the Interest area.

It should be accepted however that people may prefer a more democratic approach with responsibility being shared within the group. Members are obviously encouraged to take an active part in the continuance of the group.

For further information regarding convening a group contact

Information for Group Co-ordinators can be found via the link at the top-right of this page.

Group Leaders/Organisers: If you would like something put on this website please email me (Roger Pattenden) at

Most groups meet on nth day of the month – e.g. The 2nd Thursday of the month. This is an overview of the groups’ schedule. Please refer to the individual group page for full details including location and any variation to the ‘normal’ schedule.

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1stBook Club (10:00), Ice Skating (10.15), Love to Sing (11.00), Handbell Ringing (12.00), Petanque (13.00), Ukelele (13.00), Canasta (13:15), Creative Writing (14:00)Knitters & Stitchers (10:00), Bridge (14:00)Local History (10.30), Spanish (13:00), Table Tennis (14:00)Art History (10:00), Welsh Learners’ (10:00), Drama (11:00)Badminton (10:00), Painting (11:00), Cycling (13:30), Photography (14.00), Guitar (14.00)
2ndConversational Italian (09.45), Singing for Pleasure (11:00), Petanque (13.00), Canasta (13:15)Knitters & Stitchers (10:00), Bridge (14:00), Recorders (14:00)Spanish (13:00), Table Tennis (14:00), Gardening (14:00)Calligraphy (10:00), Welsh Learners’ (10:00), General Meeting (14:00)Badminton (10:00), Walking (10.00), Guitar (14.00)
3rdIce Skating (10.15), Love to Sing (11.00), Handbell Ringing (12.00), Ukelele (13.00), Canasta (13:15)Knitters & Stitchers (10:00), Bridge (14:00)Spanish (13:00), Table Tennis (14:00)Book Club 2 (10:00), Welsh Learners’ (10:00), Drama (11:00)Badminton (10:00), Painting (11:00), Lunch Club (13.00), Cycling (13.30), Photography (14.00), Guitar (14.00)
4thConversational Italian (09.45), Singing for Pleasure (11:00), Petanque (13.00), Canasta (13:15)Knitters & Stitchers (10:00), Bridge (14:00), Recorders (14.00) Spanish (13:00), Table Tennis (14:00)Calligraphy (10:00), Welsh Learners’ (10:00), Lunch Club (12.30)Badminton (10:00), Walking (10:00), iPads (14:00), Guitar (14.00)
5thLove to Sing (11.00), Handbell Ringing (12.00), Petanque (13.00), Canasta (13:15)Knitters & Stitchers (10:00), Bridge (14:00)Spanish (13:00), Table Tennis (14:00)Welsh Learners’ (10:00)Badminton (10:00), Guitar (14.00)

Click on the links below for more details of the groups.

Group List
Art History
Book Club Club 2
Canasta Italian
Handbells Skating
iPads and Stitchers
Local History to Sing
Luncheon Club
Recorders for Pleasure
Social Development
Table Tennis
Walking Learners’
Wine Appreciation