*** - LOVE TO SING - ***

A new group called 'Love To Sing' has been proposed by Anne Mealing.

The sessions will be very relaxed and informal and include a wide variety of genres including pop, folk, country, and soul.

All members are invited to attend a free taster session on Monday May 20th from 11am to 12 noon in The Old School Hall. Come along, try it out and have some fun!

If enough people are interested, the group will meet regularly in the hall on the first, third, and fifth Mondays in each month, excluding Bank Holidays.

** END **

*** Sully U3A Newsletter 01 May 2019 ***
1) MONTHLY MEETING – “Gower Dreaming”
4) Memo to Group Convenors
5) U3A Study Day on Atrial Fibrillation
6) Geology Interest Group ?
7) Singing Group Success
8) Charity Bottle-Top Collection

1) MONTHLY MEETING Thursday 09 May at 2pm

This month’s speaker is Debra John, on the subject: “Gower Dreaming”:
Debra, well known to us as an excellent speaker, brings us her individual view of the Gower Peninsula

Chairs by Singing for Pleasure Group (Rosemary Cook)
Thursday 13th June ------ Annual General Meeting




This June sees at least one member of Sully U3A executive committee retiring, and so we are looking for new members. In order to have the new committee in place by the June AGM, we need nominations from the membership before 30th May. Please give some thought as to whether you, or another member you know, could serve on the committee.

If you need information about what is involved and how much commitment is needed, ask any member of the current committee. (viz. Dai Jones, Janet Pryce-Jones, David Langford,Cherry Moorcraft, Martin Sanders, Roger Pattenden, Chris Stent, Jane Lamey, Rose Hardman, Ann Simons, Mary Bell)

Jobs are spread amongst committee members in order to reduce the amount of time each person spends on the administration of Sully U3A.
If you would like to know what tasks committee members undertake, contact the chairman Dai Jones He has job descriptions of the current roles and can supply you with a copy of each.

Nomination forms are available from the Secretary (Cherry Moorcraft) and hard copies will be available at the May general meeting. Job descriptions will be available at the meeting too.

Dai Jones
Chairman – Sully U3A


There are still a few group convenors who have not sent in their list of members. If the list of members in your interest group has not yet been submitted to then please make sure that you send it before the next general meeting on 9th May.

There are also many interest group convenors , or their treasurers, who have still not submitted a completed Group Transaction Sheet to the Treasurer. If we do not have details of all monies collected and spent by every interest group we will fail to satisfy the requirements of the Charity Commissioners. Additionally, if these returns are not made, we could find that the U3A insurance was not valid, should an incident occur. Please either email your completed Group Transaction Sheet to the Treasurer or hand in a paper version of the completed Group Transaction Sheet at the May general meeting. If appropriate, nil returns should be submitted if no relevant payments are made by group members.


5) U3A Study Day on Atrial Fibrillation - Friday 14th June

Although bookings are coming in from other U3As in South Wales for the study day on Atrial Fibrillation, there is still room in both sessions for Sully members. The morning session is repeated in the afternoon and members are invited to choose which session they wish to attend.
More than half of those who have expressed a desire to attend one of the sessions have not paid so there is still room for people to book a place.

The cost will be £2 per person for whichever session you choose to attend. This is to cover room hire expenses only; there is no cost to members other than room hire.

Bookings are being taken on a first paid / first booked basis and there is significant demand from other South Wales U3As. If you have not already booked, there will be a chance to pay the fee and select which session you wish to attend by bringing your £2 to the general meeting on Thursday 9th May. If you want to be certain of your choice, make sure that your payment is in on that day, though there may still be a few places left afterwards. Payment does not have to be made in person; you can arrange for someone else to pay for you, if you wish.

If there is enough demand, there are plans to hold further sessions elsewhere in South Wales. The idea is to hold one in the west of our network and one in the east. Already, we are registering members’
interest for those, as some members cannot make it on 14th June. If
this applies to you, ask to add your name to the waiting list.


6) Geology Interest Group ?

Although we in Sully U3A do not have a geology group, one DOES exist for all the U3As in the South Wales and Severnside area. If you are interested in joining the group please note the following information from the Group’s secretary.

The Group meets every month apart from December on a Monday between
10.30 am and 4.30 pm. The precise Monday is variable due to the professional workload of the visiting Geologist, and if the field trip is a coastal one, the times of the tide are an important factor.

We have a lecture every January and field trips during the rest of the year. Some of the field trips are quite strenuous while others are a series of short walks with car rides between the different locations offering a fascinating view on our wonderful landscape. Suitable outdoor wear and footwear are essential on these trips.

There is a welcome to all members of South Wales U3As immaterial whether their level of knowledge of the subject is basic or more advanced. Please contact the Secretary Teresa Jenkins for more information.

Reply to Teresa Jenkins

7) Singing For Pleasure Group Success

Sully U3A Singing For Pleasure Group sang in a concert with Cardiff Corpus Christi Choir (Cantabile) at Penarth Trinity Church on the 6th April. The concert raised £852.00 for the charities Alzheimers Society and Penarth Live-at-Home Scheme.

Rosemary Cook says “I would like to thank all the participants for all their hard work & support. Many thanks also to all the audience who helped to fill the church and make it such a special experience.”

It is hoped to make plans for a Christmas Concert.


8) Charity Bottle-Top Collection

Jane Lamey asks:-
Please would all Members be so kind as to save their Plastic Milk Bottle Tops for me (the ultra-common Blue/Green/Red). I would be able to collect them at each monthly Meeting as an ongoing project.
Rotary are collecting them, they are paid per Kilogram , the money received buys Polio Vaccinations for developing countries. Their Mission is to eradicate Polio from the World altogether. Many thanks, Jane

*** END ***