Hello everyone,

This message includes the final two reports for the last year, 2019-2020, from the Chairman and the Treasurer.

When you have read them, could you please email to say whether you accept the 2 reports and the minutes sent a fortnight ago? Please email by Friday 10th July.
I only need your name - membership number would be nice but is not essential!
There will be no election for committee members as Chris Stent and Rose Hardman are retired, Claire Stansfield, Denise Miles and Sheila Hobbs are joining, but that gives a total of 10 members. We still have 6 vacancies!



I have, in the past, prepared and given a Chairman’s speech for various organisations, but nothing compares with the one that follows.

For a start, I took over during the U3A year when Cherie, for personal reasons, had to give up the office and I agreed to become a stand-in Chairman just until the next AGM in 2020. I had already missed most of the current U3A year due to a medical problem which become more aggressive around Christmas time, meaning that I’ve missed a lot of the activity earlier this year as well, until we all came “under house arrest” through Covid-19.

As a result, in short, I initially need to thank my fellow Committee Members who have all taken over additional duties. As to Sully U3A itself, we lost a few members at the turn of the year with membership dropping from just over 400 to 372, but despite the lower membership the Groups all seem to be flourishing with just one or two exceptions.

As to highlights of what remained of the year, the trip to the Bristol Aeronautical Museum to see Concorde along with many other aircraft and associated exhibits must rank highly. I also know that whilst Group activity as we know it has been stopped by the virus, various members have got together via Zoom or WhatsApp and are proceeding with virtual meetings.

We were pleased to have three new members join the Committee, Denise Miles, Claire Stansfield and Sheila Hobbs. I would like to extend my sincere welcome to all three and trust that they will enjoy the Committee Meetings as much as the rest of us do.

Finally, I would like to wish the whole membership of Sully U3A and especially the Committee, a fast and satisfactory conclusion to our current Coviud-19 problems and a resumption of as near normal life as soon as possible.

David Langford


TREASURER'S REPORT FOR SULLY U3A AGM 2019/2020 prepared May 2020

The attached report contains the following four individual sheets.

1. Unaudited accounts for the year to March 2020 {Due to Covid 19 the committee has agreed, for this year only, to me submitting unaudited accounts.}
2. The individual Groups funds held by the Sully U3A Treasurer.
3. The amalgamation of the income and expenditure of the individual groups within Sully U3A.
4. Sully U3A Asset Register.

The audited accounts show some £62 in holdings above those of 2019, but set against that are the subsequent payments, to the Third Age Trust, of approx. £1500 for Capitation and £875 for Third Age Magazine. These payments habitually straddle the end of the financial year, as they did last year. They will appear on next year’s balance sheet.

Groups Funds
These funds are “ring fenced” for the benefit of the groups to which they refer. The Social Development fund, to which all members belong, has reduced by approx. £600 which is in line with expectations. This was the cost of the Christmas celebration.
The remaining funds in the BSL (British Sign Language) group have been transferred to the main fund. This is a group that ceased several years ago, and in line with our policy the funds were transferred to the Main Fund – charity.
The Yoga Group directed that their remaining funds be amalgamated into the Social Fund. This has been done.

Groups Income Expenditure
As previously, the income/expenditure of the individual groups, has to be considered as part of the income/expenditure of Sully U3A as a whole. These do not appear as part of the unaudited accounts, and hence are an addition to the unaudited accounts. The figures shown are those presented by the individual groups Convenors/Treasurers to me as Treasurer of Sully U3A. The payments to The Old School are only accounted for “net” in the Main Accounts, and hence are additional income/expense for Sully U3A as a whole!

Social Development Fund – All paid up members are within this group.

Asset Register
The items listed are assets of Sully U3A. Where information is available, I have written down the value as permitted under UK tax rules. The value to Sully U3A is almost certainly greater than the Net Asset Values shown.

Financial tables accessible via a link on the right