Details of monthly meetings in 2020.

Thursday 9th January ----- Speaker: Cindy Howells - Title: Sully Dinosaurs
Thursday 13th February --- Speaker: Stanley Soffa - Title: The Jews of Wales
Thursday 12th March ------ MUSICAL INTERLUDE
Thursday 9th April --------- Speaker: Lauren Revie -- Title: The Brain and Beyond - Current Psychology Research at Cardiff University
Thursday 14th May -------- Speaker: Jeff Chard ----- Title: Otters Encounters of the 3rd Age - Gwent Wildlife trust
Thursday 11th June -------- AGM
Thursday 9th July ---------- Speaker: Keith Wigley -- Title: My Cousin - Al Capone's Sidekick
Thursday 13th August ----- Speaker: Liz Mayor ------ Title: What the Greeks and Romans have done for us
Thursday 10th September - Speaker: Neil Harris ---- Title: It seemed like a good idea at the time - A lighthearted look at working in TV around the world.
Thursday 8th october ------- OPEN DAY
Thursday 12th November -- Speaker: Andrew Kelland - Title: Tools with a Mission - Recycling with a purpose.
Thursday 10th December -- CHRISTMAS SOCIAL

Unless otherwise stated, events will take place at the Old School.
The general Thursday meetings begin at 2pm.