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  Alternative Book Group 1
  Architecture - Modern
  Art - A Taste of British Art
  Art - History of English Architecture
  Art - Watercolours
  Art Workshop
  Bird Watching For Beginners
  Bolivia Canasta
  Book Group - Biographies
  Book Group - Classics
  Book Group - Literature
  Book Group - Members' Choice
  Book Group:What are you reading?
  Book Grp:Alternative Books 2
  Books - 19th Century Novels
  Bridge 1-Social
  Bridge 2 - Competitive
  Bridge Club Advanced
  Bridge Club Improvers
  Bridge Club Intermediate
  China’s Place in the World
  Church Bell Ringing
  Cinema Group
  Classical Music Appreciation
  Cookery-Healthy Food Adventures
  Cooking Demonstration Group
  Cryptic Crosswords 1
  Cryptic Crosswords 2
  Cryptic Crosswords Beginners
  Current Affairs
  Democracy and its Discontent
  Explore Discover Share
  Fellow travellers
  Fix It Remotely
  Folk Dancing
  French - Intermediate Conversation 1
  French - Intermediate Conversation 2
  French - Talking French 1
  French - Talking French 2
  French Advanced
  French for Improvers
  French Literature Book Group (modern)
  Garden Enthusiasts
  German Conversation Intermediate
  German for Beginners
  German Intermediate
  Greek - Classical (Ancient)
  History - British and European
  History - Pivotal
  History Behind the Headlines 1
  History Behind the Headlines 2
  Introduction to Meditation
  iPad Users
  Italian - Intermediate
  Italian - Talking Italian
  Italian for Pleasure
  Italian Improvers
  Italian- Un po’ di pratica
  Italian-Conversation Advanced
  Italian-Conversation Intermed 1
  Italian-Conversation Intermed2
  Italian-Conversation Intermediate 3
  Kew Gardens
  Knit and Nat (crochet welcome!)
  Knitting, Crochet and Chat
  Latin - Intermediate
  Latin Literature
  Law: Criminal
  Life Enhancing Group
  London Explorers
  Mathematical Topics 1
  Mathematical Topics 2
  Music - Choral Music
  Nordic Walking
  Opera for Pleasure
  Petanque 1
  Petanque 2
  Philosophy - Thoughts and Opinions
  Play Reading
  Poetry - since 1900
  Poetry for Pleasure
  Politics and Current Affairs 1
  Politics and Current Affairs 2
  Psychology and Sociology
  Pub Lunches
  Rambling - London
  Rambling - River Walks 1
  Rambling - River Walks 2
  Rambling - Short Walks
  Rambling-Gentle Walk+lunch
  Richmond Cycling Group
  Romantic Movement
  Saturday Safari
  Science and Metaphysics
  Scrabble 1
  Scrabble 2
  Scrabble 3
  Shakespeare - Study to Stage
  Shakespeare for Pleasure
  Simply Social: Richmond
  Simply Social: St Margarets 1
  Simply Social: St Margarets 2
  Simply Social: Teddington
  Simply Social: Whitton
  Singing for Pleasure
  Spanish Conversation
  Spanish Conversation Advanced
  Spanish Conversation Intermediate 2
  Spanish Conversation Intermediate 3
  SpanishConversation Intermed 1
  Stamp and Postal History
  Table Tennis 1
  Table Tennis 2
  Table Tennis 3
  Tap Dancing
  Theatre Matinees & Drama
  Tomorrow’s World
  Ukulele 1
  Ukulele 2
  Walking Netball
  Walking Rugby
  Wanderlust and Wisdom
  Wine Tasting
  Wisdom of East&West: Philosophers&Sages
  Writing for Pleasure
  Writing Your Life Story