Richmond upon Thames


MONTHLY MEETINGS are being held on ZOOM for the meantime, and will be at the normal time of 2.30pm on the last Wednesday of each month, although it is a good idea to log on from around 2.15pm

We now have a ZOOM licence that allows 500 people to join our meetings so there is no need to make a reservation. The invitation link will be emailed to all of our members a few days before the talk.

Dates for your Diary
Wed Apr 28th There will be NO April monthly meeting
Wed May 26th MONTHLY MEETING at 2.30 on ZOOM

Unexplained Mysteries and Cover-Ups by Andy Thomas

Andy regularly gives lectures to many organisations, both mainstream and ‘alternative’, on subjects including a variety of mystery and historical topics, as well as current events.

Today Andy Thomas explores some of the most famous global mysteries, finding intriguing linking threads between them. What is the truth about real-life ‘X Files’ – UFOs, ghosts, the Bermuda Triangle, strange creatures, religious apparitions, psychic phenomena and visions of the future? Why do some people insist that ‘the unexplained’ is actively covered-up, and what is the connection to shadowy secret elites and their fascination with ancient symbolism? Are we really told the truth about the world we live in, and if not why not? A lecture guaranteed to spark debate!
Wed Jun 30th MONTHLY MEETING at 2.30 on ZOOM

A British Raj Family by Jenny Mallin

Jenny is an award-winning author and public speaker. Here she delivers a fascinating insight into five generations of her family who lived during the days of the British Raj in India. With an extensive collection of family sepia photographs, she brings her stories vividly to life.
Wed Jul 28th MONTHLY MEETING at 2.30 on ZOOM

Stanley James: Cowboy, Preacher and Friend to the Famous by Robert Nurden

Robert Nurden is a writer and journalist who has worked on the Guardian, Independent on Sunday and Daily Telegraph, as well as many other national newspapers and magazines. He has reported on a wide range of issues, as well as working as a travel writer. Now retired, he has spent the last three years researching and writing the life of his grandfather, Stanley James.

His talk today is based on his biography of his unconventional grandfather. He starts from the premise that the most interesting lives are often those that lie just under the radar of the public gaze. Stanley was, Robert argues, just one of those people.

As a young man in 1891, Stanley lived in Richmond. Emigrating to Canada, he was in turn a cowboy, navvy, hobo, soldier and war correspondent, journalist, poet and actor. Back in England he married and became a Nonconformist minister, both charming and alienating his Walthamstow congregation with his feminism, socialism and pacifism in the First World War. The discovery of hundreds of letters and diaries of three young women show that, as a husband and father of seven, he had an affair with one of them and liaisons with others. In 1923 he converted to Catholicism and became a leading Catholic commentator, becoming deputy editor of the Catholic Herald in 1941. He counted WH Davies, Bertrand Russell and G.K. Chesterton among his friends.
Wed Aug 25th MONTHLY MEETING at 2.30 on ZOOM

Historic Jewels by Dr Vanessa Jenkins

To name a few – the Peregrina Pearl, owned by Mary Tudor, Napolean III and Liz Taylor, brooches worn to support the abolition of the slave trade, exquisite eggs and jewels designed by Faberge …

Vanessa has had a varied career as a doctor, which included being a medical adviser to the government and working on cruise ships. 10 years ago she started giving talks - on cruise ships, and for a wide range of organisations including the National Trust, the Civil Service, and various history societies.