Richmond upon Thames


MONTHLY MEETINGS take place at 2.30pm on the last Wednesday of each month, except December, and are held at the Clarendon Hall, York House, Richmond Road, Twickenham, TW1 3BZ. There is limited car parking for a maximum of two hours but York House is on the bus routes 33, R68, R70, H22 and 490 (Lebanon Court bus stop).

We usually have a speaker, with a varied programme of subjects.

Local and National U3A news items are displayed on a noticeboard in the meeting room together with other items of local interest.

Members pay £1 (please bring your membership card) and non-members £2, which includes refreshments.

Dates for your Diary
May 2019
Wed May 29thMeetingMONTHLY MEETING Clarendon Hall, York House 2:30

Egypt, from Nomads to Nation by Janet Diamond

Janet has been a teacher and trainer and now delivers talks on Italy and on Egypt to a range of organisations and groups and on cruise ships.

She travelled with her family as a child and travelling has formed an important part of her life ever since. For 3 yrs she lived in Egypt. She recalls ‘gazing in awe’ at the pyramids and other monuments of Ancient Egypt, and the numerous, wide-ranging questions which took root in her mind. In researching answers, she was amazed by what she discovered.

Her presentation begins with the time before the pharaohs, looking at the landscape and geography of the early settlers; the movement of the semi-nomadic people of the Savannah, away from the grassland to their settling in the Nile Valley.

She investigates their unique geography, fabulous wealth, deep theology, and artistic and creative skills that was the backdrop to the development of this incredible culture.

The talk then takes us through to the unification of Ancient Egypt – ‘The Two Lands’, and to the beginning of pharaonic rule, which set the scene for the culture which went on to achieve the incredible feat of building the world’s first pyramid – The Step Pyramid at Saqqara.
June 2019
Thu Jun 13thArt History - Impressionism to Modernism12.30 at Tate Gallery for the Van Gogh exhibition

Meet at the book shop upstairs (in main book shop)

If you would like to join the visit, please contact the group leader, Pramila Muthiah, on or 07758 355 357
Wed Jun 26thMeetingMONTHLY MEETING
2.30 pm in Clarendon Hall, York House

Canals, Carnivals and Courtesans - the art of 18th century Venice by Catherine Parry-Wingfield

Venice was often a highlight of the l8th century cultural tourist, the strangeness of a city living out its life on water exerting a strong fascination. The pageantry of church and state, the regattas, and the slightly risque pleasures of carnival added to its artistic attractions. This was the age of the view painters such as Canaletto and Guardi, and the great Tiepolo family of decorative painters.

Catherine Parry-Wingfield is an art historian specialising in 18th century British and European painting and sculpture. She has lectured for NADFAS (now The Arts Society) and founded the Richmond society; she has also lectured for major museums and galleries.
July 2019
Wed Jul 31stMeetingMONTHLY MEETING
2.30 pm in Clarendon Hall, York House

‘If only I knew then …’ by John Bowers

John Bowers talks about his experiences as an offender within the criminal justice system. After 15 years of crime, culminating in a particularly traumatic experience in solitary confinement, he resolved to ‘turn his life around’. Since then he has been a regular speaker at literally hundreds of schools and colleges throughout the country. "I paint a powerful, realistic picture of how criminal activity can impact on so many lives, and the problems faced by offenders of all ages – particularly the young".