Welcome to Croydon U3A,

Our fortnight of activities during the first 2 weeks of August was hugely successful. We had 22 different sessions covering a vast range of interests - something for just about everyone. Most sessions cost only £2, with the grand finale 1950s style afternoon tea party being a blast at £5 a head. We can offer all this because of the way the U3A works. It's run by the members for the members, so sessions such as talks on nineteenth century writers, geology, art history and China were all delivered expertly by our members. The principle of members freely sharing their knowledge and experience is at the heart of the U3A movement.

We are a group of 425,000 members nationally, belonging to 1043 independent U3As. We believe in life-long learning and social companionship and so the strap line is LEARN, LAUGH, LIVE.

We are looking for a member to be our Publicity Officer - is that you or someone you know? If you have experience in this area and are not yet a member, please contact David our membership secretary.

If you are thinking of joining Croydon U3A, we are a very friendly bunch, and you will be very welcome to come to a General Meeting as a visitor, to check us out.

Keep well and keep safe.

Very Best Wishes

Jenny Wilson