Welcome to my page,

We have had some fantastic speakers at the last four monthly General Meetings and more booked right through to the end of the year. We aim to book speakers on a broad range of topics, so that during the year, many interests are covered and we have plenty of opportunities for extending our knowledge. The General Meetings are also very social gatherings with an increasing number of members having lunch at the venue, before the start at 2.15pm.

Four members of the committee are working hard to produce a full programme of events for Summer Activities Fortnight at the beginning of August. Full details will be published in the July Bulletin and on this website. Bookings so far include a wide range of topics, many of which will be enjoyed at a very low cost with members leading the sessions. This is the ethos of the U3A - everyone is a leader/ teacher / instructor and everyone is a learner. Members who lead groups do this on a voluntary basis, only receiving reimbursement for their expenses. We constantly celebrate the talent, experience and knowledge among our members.

Croydon U3A is waiting to hear from members about new groups they would like to start or support others with a new initiative. The U3A's guiding principles include 'run by the members for the members' and the Interest Groups are 'the life blood' of a U3A. Groups come and go. They evolve and change. We are always looking to support new ventures and can provide lots of support, guidance and grants. If there is something you are interested in, and we don't have a group, please get in touch and let's see if we can make a plan.

The committee has identified a number of areas for this year's development plan as we constantly aim to keep up to date, receptive to the membership and the directions from the national office. We are ten volunteers of very varied backgrounds, expertise and interests - a recipe for a successful team - and we work well together and have a few laughs along the way. We do have 2 spaces on the committee and would welcome anyone with an interest in joining us. Please email me or contact one of the committee to discuss this. There is no set list of groups - it's whatever the members want for themselves. Come along, be radical in retirement.

If you are thinking of joining Croydon U3A, we are a very friendly bunch, and you will be very welcome to come to a General Meeting as a visitor, to check us out.

Finally I'd like to end with an old Chinese proverb which I came across recently:

You cannot prevent the birds of worry flying over your head, but you can prevent them from building nests in your hair.

Keep Well and safe,

Very Best Wishes

Jenny Wilson

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