Hello to one and all,

The leaves are falling and personally I can't wait for spring. We had our last Croydon U3A coach outing for the year in early November. It was a very successful trip to Milestones, near Basingstoke. We have one more planned outing by public transport to see the Christmas lights at Kew Gardens.

Our General Meeting in December is going to be great fun being designed to get those attending in the Christmas mood. This will be followed by our Christmas Party on 14th December, which promises to be a blast! And conveniently it's Christmas Jumper Day!

I have recently moved to a smaller house. Although I spent many, many months sorting, shifting, disposing, donating, selling.... I still have far too much stuff. I had a few hours of being over-whelmed when surrounded by my much reduced accumulation and very little storage. However, the news jolted me back to reality, highlighting people at the other side of the world who had just lost everything in a natural disaster. That was a real wake up call.

Well, as Christmas approaches and the shops are all trying to persuade us to buy, buy, buy, I am going to try hard to be a selective shopper. My kids have bought 'experiences' for each other for a few years, which have been very well received. No stuff but exciting times and happy memories!

If you are thinking of joining Croydon U3A, we are a very friendly bunch, and you will be very welcome to come to a General Meeting as a visitor, to check us out.

New members always bring much experience and expertise to the organisation to enhance and develop it. If an Interest Group you are looking for isn't there, it's time to talk to us. We will help you find some like-minded members to form a new group. We can help with start up costs, venue hire, advice and support and the National Office has a number of subject advisers. U3As are run by the members for the members. There is no set list of groups - it's whatever the members want for themselves. Come along, be radical in retirement.

We hope to see you soon.

Best Wishes to all

Jenny Wilson

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