Greetings Everyone,

We have completed the planning for the Croydon U3A Health Focussed Study Day on Friday 29th March. There will be 5 sessions with 2 choices in each time block, so 10 in all. It's been very rewarding planning this day and the professionals we approached to take part, have been so enthusiastic. The details will be in the next Bulletin and published on this site, with information about how to apply. As we are all getting more and more health conscious and striving to get the most out of retirement, any extra help and advice is very welcome, in my book.

I am currently going overboard with TWO S-es, that is SLEEP and less SALT. More about all that later. Research indicates that of the 3 main aspects which determine health and longevity - a good diet, moderate exercise and sufficient, good quality sleep, the latter is top of the bill. As we know, the occasional unhealthy meal is normal, not having time to exercise today can be adjusted tomorrow, BUT if we have very little sleep or a disturbed sleep, we are wrecks the next day and often the day after that! We will be planning something 'Sleep Related' as part of our Summer Activities Fortnight in August, however it won't be a sleep over!!!!!!

On the subject of health concerns, some members of Croydon U3A are assisting with a Doctoral study (UCL) about the impact of worrying about bladder and bowel control on mood and daily activities. Again, details of how to participate will be in the March Bulletin.

If you are thinking of joining please don't worry about any of the above. We have a lot of fun in the Croydon U3A and love learning along the way!

The committee has identified a number of areas for this year's development plan as we constantly aim to keep up to date, receptive to the membership and the directions from the national office. We are ten volunteers of very varied backgrounds, expertise and interests - a recipe for a successful team - and we work well together and have a few laughs along the way. We do have 2 spaces on the committee and would welcome anyone with an interest in joining us. Please email me or contact one of the committee to discuss this.

If you are thinking of joining Croydon U3A, we are a very friendly bunch, and you will be very welcome to come to a General Meeting as a visitor, to check us out.

New members always bring much experience and expertise to the organisation to enhance and develop it. If an Interest Group you are looking for isn't there, it's time to talk to us. We will help you find some like-minded members to form a new group. We can help with start up costs, venue hire, advice and support and the National Office has a number of subject advisers. U3As are run by the members for the members. There is no set list of groups - it's whatever the members want for themselves. Come along, be radical in retirement.

We hope to see you soon.

Keep Well

Jenny Wilson

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