The Membership year runs from the 1 August to the 31 July of the following year. The Membership fee depends on how you receive U3A information. If you receive by email the individual membership is £17. If by post, then an additional £7 needs to be added making a fee of £24. If you join in July then this will be classed as membership for the next membership year and you will get a thirteen month membership.
The current membership fee is detailed on the Membership Application Form which can be found on the Documents page. If you are a UK taxpayer, whether by payment of tax or by deduction from investment income etc., and pay more Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax than the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all your donations in one tax year, Croydon U3A can reclaim tax equal to 1/4 of your membership fee at no cost to you. It is necessary to tick the box on the membership renewal letter every year, in order to assure HMRC you are still alive!
Your Membership includes Croydon U3A Membership card, Bi-monthly Croydon U3A Bulletin, Information on Interest Groups, Croydon U3A Magazines, Third Age Trust Magazines, free entry to General Meetings.
Membership renewal letters for the 2019-2020 year will be sent to each member ahead of the 1 August 2019 date.
Data Protection
Members of Croydon U3A are only asked to provide information that is relevant for membership purposes, and can be assured that the information is used appropriately and for the following purposes only
Communicating with members about their membership and/or renewal of their membership.
Communicating with members about specific issues that may have arisen during the course of their membership.
Communicating with members about the U3A’s events and zee za activities
Croydon U3A Group leaders communicating with their group members about specific group activities.
Providing members information for the direct mailing of the Third Age Trust magazines
Sending members information about Third Age Trust events and activities.
Sending member information to HMRC electronically (if happy to do so) to support Gift Aid claim.
Croydon U3A requires you to give your consent to using your data for the purposes above and we require your signed agreement before membership can be given. Read the Croydon’s U3A Privacy Policy and the Data Protection Policy for full details. They are accessible on our Documents page.