This is the 'members only' area of the website.

Due to a recent security threat to the u3asitebuilder (which provides our website) over the Christmas period, you do not need a password to access this website as we no longer show any personal contact numbers. This means that the 'Interest Groups List' is not shown here. This important group information is included in your bimonthly Bulletin which you all receive. We suggest that you either save a copy on your computer or print it off. All up to date information about groups is also available at the monthly GM.

  • Some group leaders can be emailed via their group page.
  • If you wish to contact committee members by e-mail, please use their e-mail addresses which you will find in your most recent Magazine. Some Committee members may be emailed directly from the Contact page.

The Croydon U3A Magazine

  • This is published three times a year (Spring, Summer & Autumn). Please send your contributions to the Magazine Editor. These can be about anything you think will interest members: group activities, personal experiences or thoughts or just photographs of members enjoying themselves!

Website Editor's message

  • This website is designed to provide information useful to members of Croydon U3A and to tell people who are thinking of joining us what we do and who we are.
  • If you have any comments on it, or ideas on how it could be improved, contact the Website Editor.
  • Also, if you have any photos relevant to Croydon U3A that you would like to share they would be most welcome.

Group Leaders

  • If you would like to have a 'page' to advertise your group or to tell about your activities please contact the Website Editor and one can quickly be set up.