New books purchased

While we were using Shiney Row library we decided to help the reading groups in the area by putting £1 a session and buying a set of books which we could read then pass on to the library service. We bought one set of books, continued donating for a while then stopped because the library service in Sunderland was in such disarray. When I took over the Reading co-ordinator’s post we had £71.00 still in the kitty. That’s not enough to buy a 10 books which is what we decided we would need so the present members of the group decide, on a one off basis to add £1 each and buy Educated by Tara Westbourne which has had excellent reviews.
Today after joining Amazon Prime, I was able to buy 8 copies, then by getting 2 more copies from other sellers it has at last been done.
I still had £4.28 left so I made an executive decision and bought Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine for £3.99. It won Costa 1st novel award 2017 and had excellent reviews on line. The remaining few pence will find its way into a charity box.