Wessington U3A Committee

Links to the minutes of Committee Meetings can be found at the bottom of this page.

Information about how Wessington U3A works can be found by clicking Information and Training. This information will be especially valuable to new committee members and other members interested in understanding what happens 'behind the scenes'.


Committee Meetings 2020
We are still meeting through zoom once a month, usually on the first Monday at 10am. If anyone wants to join a meeting, or contact any of us with any queries, then they can and we will discuss it at the zoom meeting. Please contact any member of the Committee if you wish to attend.

Minutes are still available, see below.


Honorary Officers

Chair Vice-Chair Secretary Treasurer
Jean Barnett Eileen Smith Lynn Anderson Sue Foster
2018 - 20 2018 - 20 2018 - 21 2019 - 22

Committee Members

Groups Co-ord Accessibility Membership Sec. Speakers Secretary
Elaine Davidson Paul Irving Edith Wardlaw Susan Irving
2019 - 22 2019 - 22 2017 - 20 2018-21


Without Portfolio:
Eileen Russell Sue Park Sally Russell
2019 - 22 2019 - 22 2019-22

Co-Opted Committee Members
The following members were co-opted for one year at the committee meeting held on 13/5/19:

Minutes Sec Regional Website Editor
Pat Brookes Bill Brookes Peter Barnett

Committee Member without Voting Rights
Currently there are no committee members appointed because of special expertise:


You can send an email to any Committee Member by clicking on their name above.

All membership enquiries should be sent to the Membership Secretary: Edith Wardlaw
A copy of the Application Form can be downloaded from this link.

If you have other enquiries, and are unsure as to whom they should be addressed, send them to the website editor and they will be forwarded as appropriate.

The Constitution
Click this link to view or download the Wessington Constitution.


Committee Meeting Minutes

These are held "in the cloud" and can be seen by clicking on the links below.
Documents are in both pdf and docx formats, choose which is best for you.
Generally we try to publish the documents as soon as they are available but this means waiting for their approval at the following committee meeting. If amendments are required this will add to the delay.

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Minutes 2020

Copies of all minutes can be accessed via this link: Committee in the Cloud