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This page is intended for the exchange of information of all kinds, certainly not just about corona virus.
All members are invited to send in anything that might help our members in the current situation, be it practical, amusing, interesting or request for help of some kind. Members are reminded that the information can be seen by anyone in the world!

There is a maximum of 25 photos allowed per page, therefore some photos have been moved to the Craft page and others have been moved to a new Rainbows page so that they can be viewed for longer.

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Two things....

1) As we do not have our own Facebook page, for those who are interested there is a ‘U3A Keeping in Touch’ Facebook page available for anyone from any U3A. It has had some good articles on it. Some funny, some serious. You can always scroll down! There seems to be some resistance from people about having our own Facebook page. Wonder what others think?

2) Also I have been running a Zoom Coffee morning for a while now. I invited people who would normally go to the ‘Drop in Coffee‘ However, anyone can join if they wish. There are 19 of us on there at the moment. So don’t expect to get to say much! It is running now on alternative Tuesday mornings the next one will be Tuesday 11 August. Starting at 11.00am. I also have a WhatsApp group called Zoom Coffee where I inform people when I have sent the email link for the meeting. This lets people know to watch out for it and also gives them time to let me know if they haven’t received it.

We only do the free Zoom so it runs for 40 minutes. Sometimes we come back on for a further session immediately after the original meeting if anyone wishes to stay on. I am happy to continue to set this up. I can always set it up and someone else can host the second part if I can’t stay on. I would let people into the meeting then pass the hosting over.. Alternatively if anyone is feeling brave they can set it up themselves. Whatever makes life easier.

If anyone is Interested in joining In please let me know? everyone is welcome.

Hope everyone is keeping well, don’t know when, if ever, things will get back to a new normal, but here’s hoping.

Regards to all.

Lynn Anderson, 3 August 2020


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Jean Barnett


Dear Wessington U3A Members,

I would like to thank you for the lovely flowers and for your support, during this the most difficult time of my life. It was wonderful to see so many people turn out to send Liz on her way.

Liz loved flowers and her garden. Her close friends put the seeds together – please scatter them far and wide spreading her joy for others to appreciate.

Much love
Anne x


Thanks to all those who organised yesterday’s tribute to Liz. How good to see so many members of Wessington applaud the cortège. On such a sad occasion it was good to see that we are still an amazing U3A that comes together for our members.
Sandy Smith, 30/7/20


The U3A interpretation of Covid-19 advice has been updated again. The latest, 29 July, version can be seen here: Covid-19 Advice
PB 30/7/20


Read the latest Northumbria Region newsletter by clicking here: July 2020 Messenger
PB 28/7/20


Thank you, Pat, for the article on hydrangeas. I love these plants and have a pink one in the front garden. On one of our lockdown trips to the garden centre I bought a white one, currently in a pot. All I need now is a blue one to complete the set!
Jean B


Pat Brookes' latest gardening article can be read by clicking here: Garden News July.

This months subject is the Hydrangea.



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