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OK, so remembrance is going to be different this year….There will be no organised parades or commemorations……so just wondering if people would like to be guests at a Zoom show by Fool’s Gold? Steve and Carol wrote 6 songs about Washington men and women for us for 2018; we called it Now This Lousy War is Over. They also have a programme of songs called Beat the Drum and have offered to perform a mixture of these for us on Zoom on November 11th at 2pm.

You’d have to email or DM me to say you’d like to attend……

You’d have to download the zoom app (if you don't have it already), then I’d send you a link for the show and then you just click on the link, watch the show and, if you want, put a small donation in the ‘tip jar’.

The show will last for about an hour on your equipment - laptop, PC, tablet, phone, whatever…

Margaret Welsh, 27/10/20


Many of you will know about the TV programme The Estate: Life Up North, which features Washington. It starts tonight (Tues) at 11:05 pm on Channel 5. However, did you know that it features Les Barber? Many of us know him as the organiser of the Leek Club shows at Biddick club.

Peter Barnett, 27/10/20



In my "Flower for October" I mentioned that I had another idea for the website:
Please click here to read the latest article: Pumpkins

Pat and Bill Brookes, 18/10/20

Yes, please send in your pumpkin photos, the more the merrier.

Just a reminder that our October competition is “Autumn” and the closing date for your images is Friday 30th October. Images to me by the closing date. Images must have been taken in October this year. This competition is open to all Wessington members and you can also enter your pumpkin photos in this competition as well!

Peter Barnett


You may come across Tracy Spencer, a go-gooder, raising money for Samaritans (while she's not volunteering to drive an ambulance). She's doing it by visiting every poppy we put up in Washington, Harraton and Usworth, on foot and aiming to walk 50 miles in October. She posts this on Washington Facebook page and, having bought a book about Washington in the Great War by 'Local Bloke' she seems to have infected, in the nicest possible way, a lot of others - including some in U3A. Have sold 30 books in the last two weeks so SSAFA will benefit. Have had to order more!

As a development of that Fay bought a book and then another (Be Like Fay) and her husband is now going to run the Poppy Walk in November to raise money for Brit Legion. They live in the village.

This is his link - should you wish to donate to Glenn's Page and, thereby, the BL:


Peter Welsh, 16/10/20


Pat Brookes' latest garden plant article can be read by clicking the link below.

Do you have any of these plants? If so you might like to send in a photo.
Garden News October



The results of the September photo competition, subject "Abstract" can be seen on the Competitions Jul-Dec page, together with Ian's comments on each photo.

There are 9 photos to look at on the page and a link to all entries "in the cloud".

PB 7/10/20


Rebranding of u3a
At this year’s virtual National AGM, held on 29th September, the rebranding of our organisation was rolled out. We have a new logo, a redesigned website and new stationery and publicity materials. Please do have a look at the national website at
The Third Age Trust. You should be able to log in with your existing username and password to access the advice materials.

The Trust has created a dedicated area for information and downloadable materials related to the rebrand at https://u3abrand.org.uk/ but this needs a separate registration.

This rebrand is not without its critics, so please don’t be afraid to let the Trust know, via the The Third Age Trust, what you think about it.

Jean Barnett, 7/10/20


Digital Photography

Our October competition is “Autumn” and the closing date for your images is Friday 30th October. Images to Peter Barnett by the closing date. Images must have been taken in October this year.

This competition is open to all Wessington members.

The results of the August photo competition, subject "Hobbies" can be seen on the Competitions Jul-Dec page.

Congratulations to Ian Wardlaw (1st place), Kevin Parker (2nd place). I was third.

Thanks to Bill Brookes for judging this competition and his judging notes can also be seen on the Competitions Jul-Dec page together with a link to all of the entries.

Peter Barnett 5/10/20



Christmas cards made by Joan Plater. A member of the Wessington craft group.

Sue Irving, 16/9/20


I was hopeful that the reading group could have met at the library next week. Zoom has been pretty successful but nothing beats person to person conversation. The ‘rule of six’ has put paid to that. The library says we’re a social group so only 6 can meet. I’ve tried to explain we do actually discuss books and exchange views so we come under the education umbrella but they’re having none of it. Oh well, maybe next month.
Jean Scott, 13.09.2020


Fancy helping a student with their research?

My name is Brigita Brazauskiene and I am a 2nd year PhD student at the University of Hertfordshire. I am currently running an online survey about everyday memory errors across the lifespan of healthy adults. My online study will not require any person to enter any of their personal/identifiable details. All they would be required to do is to spend 30-40 minutes answering questions in an online survey about how often they experience different types of memory errors and how often would they expect people in different age groups to experience those as well. All the examples of memory errors within the survey are real examples from my previous diary study of memory errors in everyday life of healthy adults.

Note: this study is available to anyone aged 18 and over with no upper limit. The person needs to have sufficient proficiency in the English language.

Best Regards,

Brigita Brazauskiene, PhD Student, University of Hertfordshire

Read more here: Survey details

PB 11/9/20


Pat Brookes' latest article can be read by clicking the link below. Can you guess what September's flower is before you click?

Garden News September



The results of the July photo competition, subject "Blue" can be seen on the Competitions Jul-Dec page.

The next competition subject is "Hobbies". See The Digital Photography page for details on how to enter (open to all Wessington members).

PB 18/8/20


See the Welcome page for information about restarting interest groups.
PB 11/8/20


Two things....

1) As we do not have our own Facebook page, for those who are interested there is a ‘U3A Keeping in Touch’ Facebook page available for anyone from any U3A. It has had some good articles on it. Some funny, some serious. You can always scroll down! There seems to be some resistance from people about having our own Facebook page. Wonder what others think?

2) Also I have been running a Zoom Coffee morning for a while now. I invited people who would normally go to the ‘Drop in Coffee‘ However, anyone can join if they wish. There are 19 of us on there at the moment. So don’t expect to get to say much! It is running now on alternative Tuesday mornings the next one will be Tuesday 11 August. Starting at 11.00am. I also have a WhatsApp group called Zoom Coffee where I inform people when I have sent the email link for the meeting. This lets people know to watch out for it and also gives them time to let me know if they haven’t received it.

We only do the free Zoom so it runs for 40 minutes. Sometimes we come back on for a further session immediately after the original meeting if anyone wishes to stay on. I am happy to continue to set this up. I can always set it up and someone else can host the second part if I can’t stay on. I would let people into the meeting then pass the hosting over.. Alternatively if anyone is feeling brave they can set it up themselves. Whatever makes life easier.

If anyone is Interested in joining In please let me know? everyone is welcome.

Hope everyone is keeping well, don’t know when, if ever, things will get back to a new normal, but here’s hoping.

Regards to all.

Lynn Anderson, 3 August 2020


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