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  • Popular Science Report - Our October meeting was graced by an audience of 72. Mike Money kicked off proceedings with his talk on Fire, Food and the Evolution of Modern Humans. 23 varieties of hominids are known, of which we are the last remaining species. They underwent rapid evolution about 1.2 million years ago, resulting in flat faces, large brains, small guts, hairless bodies, upright posture and articulate speech. One theory is that this was the result of learning to cook food, which provided high quality energy with much less effort than raw food. Mike Shaw of the Sundial Society then entertained us with Why don't Sundials tell the Right Time? He explained the differences between sun time, mean solar time, mean local time, and clock time, the analemma (which describes the position of the noontime sun throughout the year), the effect of longitude and the Equation of Time. Having grasped that, we were willing to agree that a sundial telling the time at 3:15pm when the clock says 4:30pm was actually correct. A number of us went away with our own sun dial cards.
  • Presenter to Science Group wins an Ig Nobel Prize - In April 2019 Professor Francis McGlone from John Moores University gave his talk 'The Multi-Sensory Brain' to our Science Group which was much appreciated and stimulated lively discussion. Then in September we read that Francis was one of the authors of the paper "The Pleasurability of Scratching an Itch: A Psychophysical and Topographical Assessment" which won the Ig Nobel Peace Prize. The Ig Nobel Prizes honour achievements that make people laugh, and then make them think.
  • Croatia Holiday - Croatia Holiday Group Our summer holiday this year was spent in Croatia again but in a more ancient location near Trogir. We had three outings to Mostar, with its restored medieval bridge, Krka waterfalls and Split with Dioclecian's Palace. We had a optional visit to three of the many islands along the coast. The weather was sunny on all but one day.
  • Up High in Liverpool - On 12th September an intrepid band of members braved the winds to climb up to the top of the Royal Liver Building in Liverpool. It was so enjoyable that two more trips are arranged, see EVENTS for details.
  • Some members travelled to Kent for a lovely holiday in June, click here to read more and see some pictures > Kent Holiday
  • 11 July Concert Thursday Concert - An appreciative audience enjoyed a splendid concert on Thursday 11th July presented by our four music groups. There were well-received performances from both ukulele groups, Singing for Pleasure and, pictured here, the Music Performing group. What a lovely way to spend Thursday morning! And what talented members we have!
  • New Constitution Adopted - The membership voted to adopt the new constitution at the SGM on Tuesday 2nd July which will now be sent to the Charities Commission to be registered. Thank you to all those who attended ensuring the meeting was quorate.
  • Coffee time at Storyhouse Coffee on 1st July. Report from Mal our Vice Chair. 'We had a great meeting at Storyhouse this morning. A dozen or so of us met up for a drink and a chat. A few were relatively recently-joined members who'd come along to get to know more people with two prospective new members looking for more information. Why not come and join us next month? Hopefully it will be the first Monday morning in August, though we have still to confirm with Storyhouse so don't forget to watch this space.'
  • Volunteers - We are pleased to announce: 1) Joseph O'Neill will be taking over the organisation of the Popular Science series from 2020. He would welcome volunteers to assist on the day with tasks such as greeting guests and serving coffee. If you think you can help, please let me know by a message to the Chair. 2) Robert Dunham will be taking a new post, Proof Reader of the News Sheet.
  • Chester U3A Swedish Flag has been chosen from 10 U3As in the UK to partner an exchange with Upsalla U3A, Sweden. Contact our Chair to register an interest. To find out a little more about them click here > Upsalla U3A
  • Coffee time at Storyhouse Coffee Monday 3rd June, 10.30-12.30am & Monday 3rd July. Read our press release here > Coffee at Story House PR. An opportunity to meet other members, bring your friends along to discover ‘U3A’ and ask all the questions you never get the time to ask. Find out more about the Interest Groups and how you can help your U3A. Watch out for the press release in your local paper to launch this initiative closer to the date This may attract new members, existing members, and members who only attend groups. Purchase your drinks at The Kitchen, Storyhouse and join us for a chat. Please come along and give it your support.
  • facebook New U3A Facebook page - We have recently set up a Facebook page for Chester U3A. We hope you will find it interesting and informative - please give it a try. As the page grows over time, it will contain details about our events and activities to give all members a flavour of the huge range of what groups, and Chester U3A as a whole, are doing. It can be viewed via this link > Facebook. You can also add information about your own group etc. You do this by going to the ‘Create Post’ section on the page, where you can add text, photos or even videos to show what the U3A has been doing, or things that we have planned. Please ensure that information about any individual, and especially any photographs, has the approval of the people concerned. All posts have to be moderated by one of the designated administrators from Chester U3A, so it may be a couple of days before you see your item.
  • The North West Region Summer School takes place 27-30th August at Newton Rigg College Penrith. Ten different subjects are available and you get to socialise with lots of other interesting U3A members. See more by clicking Summer School Info. Full details on the North West Region of U3As website events page. NOW FULLY BOOKED
  • A record turnout of 91 for the February Popular Science morning. Click the link Popular Science or go to the Groups page and select Popular Science to read all about it.
  • Our February quiz Quiz timewas well attended with over a dozen teams puzzling over questions with a range of themes. Some found the St Valentines Day ones the most tricky whilst it was movies for others. Photos to the right.
  • Industrial Heritage 3 group On Stage at Theatr Clwyd went on a fascinating tour of Theatr Clwyd on Wednesday 6th February seeing behind the scenes as well as on stage. See more with photos on their group page.

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