Coronavirus Impact on our Events

Many Chester U3A events in the next months are appearing in new forms or have been cancelled/postponed. The current status for each is given on the chronological list below so please check each one individually.

The descriptive part of this page tells how we normally meet and how we will hopefully be resuming in future with alternative online activities highlighted.

Monthly Meetings usually take place on the first Tuesday and second Thursday of each month at St Columba's Church Hall, Plas Newton Lane, Upton, CH2 1SA. Doors open at 9:45 and coffee is served until the meeting starts at 10:30. Please remember to bring your own cups.

We have a Social Events programme of Outings to places of interest in the region and to Plays & Concerts in Liverpool. These have been postponed (more information on the Social page). The full programme with details of how to book can also be found in the monthly News Sheet.

Dates for your Diary
November 2020
Tue Nov 3rdMeetingChester U3A Annual General Meeting - This year it will be a virtual AGM with papers sent in advance to members by email or the post. Full details on the AGM page.

Followed by Animal Social Networks a talk by Dr Chrissy Stanley from the University of Chester. Social networks are all around us – and not just on Facebook. In recent years, scientists have built social networks to represent a range of interactions in species across the animal kingdom, from crickets to elephants. Have you ever wondered if fruit bats have friends? What about cockroaches? Social networks can give us these answers.
Tue Nov 10thOtherNorth West Region online talk Grandma Flew Spitfires.
Tim Young of Newmarket U3A will explore the roles of the women who supported the air defence of Britain.
More info and how to book on the NW Region Events page.
Thu Nov 12thMeetingOnline replacement for the Thursday meeting.
Day of the Triffids - John Wyndham and the Cosy Catastrophe
John Wyndham’s work has sometimes been described as “cosy catastrophe”, but in fact there’s little that is “cosy” about Day of the Triffids, his massive best-seller published in 1951 just as the Cold War was getting more dangerous and the certainties of British society were rapidly crumbling. Wyndham gave us a new word (even today, in garden centres around the country, you may hear large, intimidating plants described as “triffids”), a book that has never been out of print, and some uncanny resonances with today’s changed world.

Chester U3A member Andy Sawyer was until recently responsible for the largest research library in Europe devoted to science fiction, the Science Fiction Foundation Collection at the University of Liverpool. In 2009 he co-edited Plan for Chaos, a novel discovered when the archive of John Wyndham, best known for The Day of the Triffids, was purchased by the University.

Andy will talk about how “John Beynon Harris”, a minor writer for American pulps, reinvented himself as “John Wyndham” and became the science fiction writer read by millions who “don’t read science fiction”, and how The Day of the Triffids expressed the anxieties of the early 1950s in a way no realistic novel could.
December 2020
Tue Dec 8thMeetingNorth West Region online talk Winter Warmer with Fool's Gold Acoustic Musicians.
Join our winter celebration led by Carol and Steve Robson, with music and tales.
More info and how to book on the NW Region Events page.