Beverley & District

Live Groups


During these unusual times, we are able to confirm that the following groups are active, although sometimes in a slightly changed format.

  • 19C BRITISH HISTORY: leader – Stephen Keane: contact
  • BOOK CIRCLE ONE: leader – Gill Vidler: contact
  • FACEBOOK: leaders – Doreen Osuch/Paul Sears: contact
  • FAMILY HISTORY: leaders – Ann Scruton/Ann Donkin: contact
  • GARDEN INTEREST: leader – Sue Symmons/Elaine Dyson: contact
  • GERMAN BEGINNERS: leader – Hilary Kirk: contact
  • GERMAN CONVERSATION: leader – Anne Ostermeier: contact
  • GUITAR GROUP: leaders – Paul Sears/David Campbell: contact
  • LOCAL HISTORY ONE/TWO/THREE: leaders – Christine Benson/Ann Scruton/Doreen Osuch: contact
  • POETRY AND PROSE: leader – Hilary Kirk: contact
  • QUIZ GROUPS SUNDAY/WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY: leader – Doreen Osuch: contact
  • CYCLING - THE RECYCLED CYCLIST: leader: Ian Metcalfe: contact
  • STROLLERS TUESDAY AND FRIDAY: leaders – Ann Scruton and Doreen Osuch: contact
  • UKULELE ONE AND TWO: leaders – Pam Batham and Carolyn Booth-Jones/Willie McCutcheon: contact
  • WILD THINGS: leaders – Helen Kitson and Paul Sears: contact


  • ZOOM TALKS: monthly talks from our own members: leader – Pam Buckton: contact
  • ONLINE QUIZ GROUP: the same quizzes as for the Sunday/Thursday/Wednesday Groups: leader – Doreen Osuch: contact
  • ONLINE FAMILY HISTORY GROUP: articles on how to research family history: the same as sent out to the FAMILY HISTORY group: leader – Ann Scruton: contact
  • ONLINE LOCAL HISTORY GROUP: Articles/quizzes about local history – the same as sent out to the LOCAL HISTORY ONE/TWO/THREE groups: leader – Doreen Osuch: contact
  • ONLINE CURRENT AFFAIRS: leaders – Bill Jones and Christine Benson: contact
  • MARITIME HISTORY: research as agreed by members of the group: leader – Graham Buckton: contact
  • ZOOM LOCAL HISTORY: an illustrated talk once a month: leader – Ann Scruton: contact
  • ONLINE COFFEE MORNING: join us for a natter: leader Christine Benson: contact