Beverley & District


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Many of our u3a interest groups have been meeting during lockdown, either by using zoom or email, and we would like to thank all the individuals who have made this happen. As the circumstances are now changing we have contacted all leaders of interest groups and advised them that they will need to carry out a risk assessment before they can meet again, and must inform the committee when any group re-opens, closes, or is full.

We will keep the Beacon system and website for Beverley and District u3a up-to-date, and I am sure your interest group leader will contact you when they are in a position to meet again. This will vary considerably from one group to another as the size of the premises, the location of a venue, indoor or outdoor, and the legal number allowed, etc will be different for each group.

We are delighted that 90% of you have now provided us an email contact address and we will be using that information to make contact with you. Please do check your emails. We will also continue to make contact with the 10% of members who are not online.

Our Beacon administration system contains details of all members of interest groups and provides interest group leaders with an up-to-date list of the membership of each group.

DOREEN OSUCH – Acting Chair