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Was Where to Watch Wildlife held on Tuesday 9th February 2021 at 10.30am, when several Newquay U3A members were treated to a very interesting illustrated talk given by wildlife photographer David Chapman.

David introduced his new book "Where to Watch Wildlife in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly" which is available to purchase from him at £10 inc p&p.

The book describes 97 locations across the region which are good for various species of flowers and animals. It has 216 pages and 276 photographs. This is a substantial reference book and will be invaluable for wildlife enthusiasts living in, or visiting, the county.

David Chapman's website is or you can email him on


General Meeting – via Zoom Tues 12th January 2021, 10.30 am

1. Our chairman, John Woodason, welcomed the 17 members present, including two who had joined by phone. Apologies were from John Mankelow and Shirley Scammel.

2. Guest Speaker: Caroline Birkby was our guest speaker this morning, who provided an interesting presentation about Cornwall Air Ambulance.

3. SGM: Members present accepted the Special General Meeting Minutes which were signed off by John Woodason.

4. Chairman’s Report

5. Secretary’s Report:

  • u3a diaries which were requested have now been distributed.
  • Precedent Clauses for holding virtual or hybrid AGMs included in recent draft of our constitution.
  • Creative Writing Meeting to be held by Zoom next Monday 18th January at 11am. Link to the meeting is: Creative Writing Zoom Meeting 18/01/21 Meeting ID: 883 6244 8502 Passcode: XYANf3

6. Date and time of Next General Meeting: 9th February 2021 10.30am, again by zoom

Draft of the actual minutes taken at the meeting can be read by clicking on the link to the Zoom General Meeting 210112


Season's Greetings from our Chairman

19th December 2020


It seems a very long time now since we were all able to meet up. Hopefully, with the Covid vaccine now being rolled out we will be able to look forward to happier times next year.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that Newquay u3a is still alive even though our activities are curtailed. We have resumed Zoom-based monthly General Meetings with a speaker, your committee meets regularly via Zoom, the Virtual Newquay u3a blog is burgeoning with interesting articles, entertainments and information, and we are working towards being prepared for when actvities can recommence.

In the meantime I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy and dare I say it, healthy New Year.

John Woodason
Chairman, Newquay u3a


Zoom General Meeting December 8th 10:30am

Our Chairman hosted the meeting, where we had 16 participants, one of whom joined via their telephone. After the initial introduction, John Woodason, our Chairman, gave us a very interesting illustrated talk describing his travels around Afghanistan in 1974. The talk was followed by a short business meeting, where decisions taken at our Zoom AGM and subsequent Zoom Committee meetings were ratified.

Link to the minutes for this meeting 2020 12 08.


Zoom Quiz Dec 7 3pm

John Mankelow and Pauline Scotting hosted a Newquay u3a Quiz at 3pm on Monday 7th December.


New Chairman's Report

17th November 2020: Our new chairman John Woodason has written a welcome statement which you can read by clicking on Report from New Chairman


Zoom AGM held at 10:30am on 27th October 2020

Please click on this link to read the Retiring Chairman's Report.

It was announced that certain members of the 2019/2020 Committee had now either stood down or their term had come to an end. Going forward new committee roles were voted on and the revised committee as at 27th October 2020 is as follows:

ChairmanJohn Woodason
Vice Chairman
SecretaryCaroline Birkby
TreasurerVictor Williams
Assistant Treasurer
Membership SecretaryJohn Mankelow
Group Leader Coordinator
Programme Coordinator
Meet and GreetJune Colwill
Committee MemberJudith Holroyd
Committee MemberPauline Scotting
Website & Social Media

Not on the committee: Committee Printing - Dave Morey

Important roles that still require filling are: Groups Co-ordinator, Website Co-ordinator and Assistant Treasurer. If you are interested please speak to John Woodason or email Chairman. You can ‘look-in’ on committee to help you in your decision.

Link to the minutes for this meeting 2020 11 10.



20th March 2020 @ 21:15: Due to the Coronavirus Crisis, ALL NEWQUAY U3A meetings are suspended until further notice

We now have a Virtual Newquay U3A Blog to help keep our Newquay U3A members in touch. Please click on this Virtual Newquay U3A link.

We would appreciate some interesting articles and photos to add to it, so please send links to on-line articles, photos, or email photos, stories, memoirs, poems, facts, jokes, youtube videos etc to Virtual Newquay U3A to add to the blog.


Coronavirus crisis 15th March 2020

  • April, May and June General Meetings have been cancelled, which means our AGM held in May will be postponed until later in the year.
  • Several Group Leaders have temporarily cancelled their events. Please check with group leaders that the scheduled events are still going ahead.
  • U3A Day celebrations will not go ahead on June 3rd 2020 but we hope to resurrect our plans to celebrate the day in 2021.
  • Please read the statement made by our Secretary, John Woodason, about the Coronavirus crisis and also Comments from our Chairman, Gret Woodason.


U3A Day

Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus crisis Newquay's U3A Day planned event for June 3rd 2020 has been cancelled. We hope to celebrate this event in 2021.


TAM Magazine TAM Magazine

When you renew your Newquay U3A membership, or when you join Newquay U3A, think about signing up for the U3A magazine "Third Age Matters" (TAM). There are lots of interesting articles, holiday offers, members letters, tips for third-agers and a page of brain games. Ask our Committee at our next General Meeting and we'll show you some examples. LearnLaughLive


Notes taken at January's General Meeting can be read here Meeting 2020 01
Notes taken at February's General Meeting can be read here Meeting 2020 02
Notes taken at March's General Meeting can be read here Meeting 2020 03



  • French Conversation and Bird Watching started in November.
  • Pub Games and Social to meet up and play pub games started December.
  • Murder Mystery Games started January.
  • Amateur Musicians If you would be interested in joining an Amateur Musicians Group please email the Amateur Musicians group coordinator.
  • Fishing If you would be interested in joining a Fishing Group please email the Fishing group coordinator.
  • If you would like to start a new group please ring or email David Stevens, the Groups Coordinator 07552 618800



JOIN NEWQUAY U3A at our General Meeting on the second Tuesday of every month except August at the Lane Theatre, Newquay TR8 4PX. Annual Membership is only £15 (or £10 from October to March inc). Visitors can have a taster for £1.50. Join other members for free refreshments and a natter in the Green Room from 10:15am before our speaker at 11am in the auditorium.

SLIDESHOW Please remember that David Stevens runs a slideshow of photos of our recent group events in the auditorium from 10:30am. Join him in there after your refreshments.

CAR PARK MARSHALS We desperately need car park marshals at the Lane Theatre. Volunteers to do this on a rota basis would be very welcome. We can provide hi-vis jackets.

We have a suggestions box situated near the notice board at our General Meetings. If you can think of anything that you would like to do in Newquay U3A or ways to improve our General Meetings, please put details of your idea down on paper and into the box or just use the Contact link to email us. We will endeavour to carry out your wishes.

MINUTES from our General Meetings are displayed on the notice board at General Meetings.


Special Birthdays
Please let the Committee know if anyone has a special birthday this year so that a card can be sent.

Our latest newsletters can be seen by clicking on the relevant link on this page.
Our latest Newsletter is also available at the General Meetings.

We need Volunteers
Newquay U3A is organised totally by volunteers, without whom there would be no Newquay U3A.

Our Committee are volunteers. Our Group Leaders are volunteers. Our General Meetings have to have organisers. There are people who organise the speakers, people who help to set up the rooms ready for the meeting, marshals in the car park, people who officiate at the sign in desk, people who make tea and coffee, people who introduce you to other people if you look lost, people who clear up afterwards. These people are all volunteers.

  • We desperately need car park marshals at the Lane Theatre. Volunteers to do this on a rota basis would be very welcome.
  • We can always do with some help to set up the rooms ready for the General Meeting at the Lane Theatre.

We are always grateful for any help from other volunteers. Skills learned in our working lives can be very useful in Newquay U3A. Using our skills to help others is good for the soul.

If you would like to volunteer to join the Committee, or to lead a new Interest Group, or to help out at General Meetings, please click on the "send a message" link on this page.


We need Articles and Photos
Let’s make our website more interesting. This will not only encourage new members to join but will also keep our existing members up to date with our recent activities. The items of interest below will also be useful to add to our next newsletter.

• Send us recent photos of your Newquay U3A group enjoying your group's interests
• Tell us where you’ve been recently with Newquay U3A and what you did when you were there
• Write about what Newquay U3A means to you

To send us an article or photos click the “send a message” link and we will send you instructions on how to send document files and photos to us. Please be aware that you must have obtained permission from the people in your photos to have the photos used on the website, the blog and/or Facebook. If you are a photographer and do not want your photos copied and used by other entities, please add a watermark to your photo.

Facebook and Twitter
We have a Newquay U3A Facebook Page, where you can see photos and reviews of some of our activities and our speakers. Please click on the link or seach @NewquayU3A. If you have any photos you would like to send us of your U3A events please send an email to %Webmaster% for instructions on how to do that. Please make sure that you have permission from anyone clearly shown in the photo for their picture to go on Facebook. Similarly we also "tweet" about some of our events on Twitter


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