Special Birthdays
Please let the Committee know if anyone has a special birthday this year so that a card can be sent.

We now have a suggestions box situated near the notice board at our General Meetings. If you can think of anything that you would like to do in Newquay U3A or ways to improve our General Meetings, please put details of your idea down on paper and into the box or just use the Contact link to email us. We will endeavour to carry out your wishes.

Our latest newsletters can be seen by clicking on the relevant link on this page.
December Newsletter was available at the December General Meeting and extra copies will be available at later General Meetings

General Meetings
Minutes from our General Meetings can be seen by clicking on the relevant link on the Events page.

We need Volunteers
Newquay U3A is organised totally by volunteers, without whom there would be no Newquay U3A.

Our Committee are volunteers. Our Group Leaders are volunteers. Our General Meetings have to have organisers. There are people who organise the speakers, people who help to set up the rooms ready for the meeting, marshals in the car park, people who officiate at the sign in desk, people who make tea and coffee, people who introduce you to other people if you look lost, people who clear up afterwards. These people are all volunteers.

  • We need more Committee members to train up ready to replace our retiring officers when their term of service is up.
  • We need a new Chairman, a new Treasurer and a new Groups Coordinator from May 2019.
  • After the meeting on 9th Oct, a new member volunteered to be a car park marshal at the Lane Theatre. Other volunteers to do this on a rota basis would be welcome.
  • A new member also volunteered to help us set up the rooms before the meeting.

We are always grateful for any help from other volunteers. Skills learned in our working lives can be very useful in Newquay U3A. Using our skills to help others is good for the soul.

If you would like to volunteer to join the Committee, or to lead a new Interest Group, or to help out at General Meetings, please click on the "send a message" link on this page.

We have a Newquay U3A Facebook Page, where you can see photos and reviews of some of our activities and our speakers. Please click on the link. If you have any photos you would like to send us of your U3A events please send an email to Webmaster for instructions on how to do that. Please make sure that you have permission from anyone clearly shown in the photo for their picture to go on Facebook.


We need Articles and Photos
Now we have a new website, let’s make it more interesting. This will not only encourage new members to join but will also keep our existing members up to date with our recent activities. The items of interest below will also be useful to add to our next newsletter.

We also have a more glamorous blog, where we can add articles and photos to show each other and the world outside of Newquay U3A how much we enjoy life in Newquay U3A, but we need more material for it.

• Send us recent photos of your Newquay U3A group enjoying your group's interests
• Tell us where you’ve been recently with Newquay U3A and what you did when you were there
• Write about what Newquay U3A means to you

To send us an article or photos click the “send a message” link and we will send you instructions on how to send document files and photos to us. Please be aware that you must have obtained permission from the people in your photos to have the photos used on the website, the blog and/or Facebook. If you are a photographer and do not want your photos copied and used by other entities, please add a watermark to your photo.

Privacy Policy We have adopted the National U3A Privacy Policy which can be seen on their U3A website.