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General Meeting 14 Sep 2021

Minutes from our General Meeting can be read by clicking on the link: 210914 General Meeting Minutes

As in August, our General Meeting started at the Lane Theatre at 10:15am. Social distancing measures were in place. Our speaker was Rachel Faulkner on "Live Longer Better". Active Cornwall is part of Health England which promotes an active, healthy and happy life.

Several groups have restarted during September, some will be restarting in October, others need group leaders. Details are in our 210914 General Meeting Minutes.

The programme until the end of October can be seen on the Events page.


General Meeting 10 Aug 2021

Minutes from our General Meeting can be read by clicking on the link: 210810 General Meeting Minutes

  • Our General Meetings restarted at the Lane Theatre on 10th August 2021, from 10:15am. Refreshments were available. Social distancing measures were in place. Speaker from 11am was our member Jill Anstey, speaking about 'Remarkable Cornish Women'
  • Several Interest Groups will be restarting in September 2021, but there are also Interest Groups that need a new Group Leader. Would you please email the Groups Coordinator if you would like to volunteer to organise a group without a group leader (see below), or if you would like to organise a new group.

Active Groups
o Antiques and Collectables – Chris Bramhall 01872 510886
o Badminton - Pauline Scotting 07757 122236, Geraldine Fairweather 01637 873912. New Group
o Bridge – Shirley Oakley 01637 876130. Restart September.
o French Conversation – Pauline Scotting 07757 122236.
o Garden Appreciation – Margaret Lagor 01637 874894, Dot Stapleton 01637 877008 restart September.
o Longer Walking Group – Janet Wilkins 01637 861115 weekly walks in progress.
o Music Appreciation – Libby Joyce 01637 859313, restart September.
o Nature Study Saunter – Valerie Tams 01637 852162 ad-hoc saunters from September.
o Photography – John Mankelow 01637 881957
o Play Reading – Annie Jose 01637 875382, Chris Spindler 01637 878540 restart September
o Pub Games – David Stevens 07552 618800 restart September
o Saunter Group - Valerie Tams 01637 852162 ad-hoc saunters from September.
o Social Group - Valerie Tams 01637 852162 weekly coffee and catch up from September.
o Sunday Lunch – Josie Pye 07714 214141. Awaiting re-opening of The Fort.
o Walking Group – Sheilah Terry 01637 830037. Walks planned for September
Groups requiring new Group Leader
o Exploring Poetry.
o Food with Friends.
o Rummikub
o Scrabble
o Singing for Fun.
o Whist.
Groups with unknown restart date
o Cornish Dancing – Sheilah Terry 01637 830037.



Special General Meeting held on Zoom 8th June

We had a speaker for this meeting: Ashley Jones, Regional Fraud Protect Advisor, who spoke on the subject of how we can keep ourselves protected from fraud.

As we did not have a quorate number of attendees at our AGM last month, we formally ratified the decisions taken at the AGM, therefore this General Meeting was also an SGM to enable us to do that.
Minutes of the meeting can be read here: Minutes: Zoom General Meeting June 2021


Annual General Meeting held on Zoom 11 May 2021


New Chairman's Report

17th November 2020: Our new chairman, John Woodason, has written a welcome statement which you can read here: Report from New Chairman


Zoom AGM held at 10:30am on 27th October 2020

Please click on this link to read the Retiring Chairman's Report.
Link to the minutes for this meeting 2020 11 10


U3A Day

Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus crisis Newquay's U3A Day planned event for June 3rd 2020 had to be cancelled. We hope to celebrate this event in 2022.


TAM Magazine TAM Magazine

When you renew your Newquay U3A membership, or when you join Newquay U3A, think about signing up for the U3A magazine "Third Age Matters" (TAM). There are lots of interesting articles, holiday offers, members letters, tips for third-agers and a page of brain games. Ask our Committee at our next General Meeting and we'll show you some examples. LearnLaughLive


Special Birthdays
Please let the Committee know if anyone has a special birthday this year so that a card can be sent.


Our latest newsletters can be seen by clicking on the relevant link on this page.
Our latest Newsletter is also available at the General Meetings.


We need Volunteers
Newquay U3A is organised totally by volunteers, without whom there would be no Newquay U3A.

Our Committee are volunteers. Our Group Leaders are volunteers. Our General Meetings have to have organisers. There are people who organise the speakers, people who help to set up the rooms ready for the meeting, marshals in the car park, people who officiate at the sign in desk, people who make tea and coffee, people who introduce you to other people if you look lost, people who clear up afterwards. These people are all volunteers.

  • We desperately need car park marshals at the Lane Theatre. Volunteers to do this on a rota basis would be very welcome.
  • We can always do with some help to set up the rooms ready for the General Meeting at the Lane Theatre.
  • We need Group Leaders to organise other group meetings. Please email the Groups Coordinator to volunteer.

We are always grateful for any help from other volunteers. Skills learned in our working lives can be very useful in Newquay U3A. Using our skills to help others is good for the soul.

If you would like to volunteer to join the Committee, or to lead a new Interest Group, or to help out at General Meetings, please click on the "send a message" link on this page.


Social Media

Newquay u3a Blog: Please click on this link to see current posts on our blog: VIRTUAL NEWQUAY U3A

Facebook and Twitter: We have a Newquay U3A Facebook Page, where you can see photos and reviews of some of our activities and our speakers. Please click on the link or seach @NewquayU3A. If you have any photos you would like to send us of your U3A events please send an email to Website & Social Media for instructions on how to do that. Please make sure that you have permission from anyone clearly shown in the photo for their picture to go on Facebook. Similarly we also "tweet" about some of our events on Twitter


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