Our Volunteers

Newquay U3A is organised totally by volunteers, without whom there would be no Newquay U3A.

Our Committee are volunteers. Our Group Leaders are volunteers. Our General Meetings have to have organisers. There are people who organise the speakers, people who help to set up the rooms ready for the meeting, marshals in the car park, people you meet at the sign in desk, people who make tea and coffee, people who introduce you to other people if you look lost, people who clear up afterwards. These people are all volunteers.

We are always grateful for any help from other volunteers. Skills learned in our working lives can be very useful in Newquay U3A. Using our skills to help others is good for the soul.

We need more volunteers to come forward to be members of our Committee. Our Chairman has to stand down at the end of her three year term. We need a Vice Chairman to train up to take her place. Our Secretary's, our Treasurer's and our Groups Coordinator's terms of office will also soon be up. We need volunteers to shadow their roles and take over when they stand down. Would you like to join our Committee? Please use the send a message link to email us if you do.

Group Leaders
We are very grateful for the work our Group Leaders do. They organise events for us to take part in. They plan walks, book tables for meals out, organise venues for events, host gatherings at their homes, book transport for excursions and do all sorts of other things for the members of their groups. Would you like to lead a group and help others to enjoy an activity that you enjoy doing that is not covered yet by Newquay U3A? Please use the send a message link to email us if you do.

We now have a suggestions box situated near the notice board at our General Meetings. If you can think of anything that you would like to do in Newquay U3A or ways to improve our General Meetings, please put details of your idea down on paper and into the box or just use the send a message link to email us. We will endeavour to carry out your wishes.