Keep Smiling

This page is dedicated to a new initiative by Phil Joiner of Wanstead and Woodford u3a. To keep his members' spirits up he has been producing a new style of magazine designed to give folks a smile. He has offered to share this publication with several other u3as and we are pleased to add some of the back catalogue to our own website for the benefit of Midhurst u3a members. New issues will appear regularly, and will be added to this page. There are jokes and puzzles galore and if you read them from issue 1 they can provide something of a social commentary on the pandemic and other recent events. The magazines will stop when Wanstead and Woodford u3a "is fully back in action " (as Phil says). We hope you enjoy them.

Click on any of the links below in order to download your copy of these fun magazines.

May we express our thanks to Phil for agreeing to share his creations so widely.

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Keep Smiling 31Keep Smiling 32Keep Smiling 33Keep Smiling 34Keep Smiling 35

Phil is hanging up his quill in the hope that we will soon be fully 'unlocked' so enjoy these whilst you can. Over time, I will progressively be removing the earlier issues as they do take up quite a bit of our webspace. So, if you need to start somewhere, check out the 5 earliest editions first.

Dave R, Website Manager, Midhurst u3a