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Group Leader? Co-ordinator? Facilitator?

What’s in a name? U3A branches use a variety of names to describe the member overseeing an individual Group Activity, and Dunmow U3A will be using the term 'Group Leader'. You are not expected to be a 'teacher' or an 'expert'. Your task is simply to organise — who will meet, when and where. You could be the 'least expert' person, who has most to learn from the Group, and still be the best Group Leader. Through this website you can publicise your Group and keep its members informed. It's not an onerous rôle, and there is plenty of help if you need it.

Electronic Age
U3A’s are all about learning and expanding the mind, and the Dunmow U3A website will help in this matter by providing each group activity with its own web page to be managed by the Group Leader or an agreed member of the group.

Our U3A will be unusual in enabling Group Leaders to do this, but it is an easy method for our Groups to provide communication not only to their group members, but to all in the Dunmow U3A community and the outside world.

Two main parts:
1. Your own group activity page displays text of ‘What’s On’, and can (and ought to!) also include images of your Group's activities. The page has a direct email link to the Group Leader. To maintain privacy of the individual we discourage direct publication of telephone numbers or email details anywhere on our web site; keep these for email exchanges and for our newsletter.

2. The Events section allows you to display when your activity group have their next meeting, which is the most important part of creating activity throughout the whole Dunmow U3A web site.

Access by the Group Leader to maintain their own pages is by a simple password and just three or four clicks of a mouse (or finger if you have a touch screen device), and away you go.

Full help can be provided, together with a very short manual.

No Internet Access? (Then why are you reading this??)
Not to worry – just pass your instructions direct to Web Admin.

It's all great fun. And that's why you joined us!

Peter W
Website Admin