U3A Site Builder: Log-in and Edit


For greater security, it is now necessary to enter both a login name and a password to edit the site. If you have not yet obtained a password and are a site administrator, please request one from Site Builder Support (sitebuilderu3a@googlemail.com), quoting your U3A name, login name, and registered email address.

Other editors should select a new password for themselves and ask the administrator for their own U3A site to register it on their behalf. All passwords must contain 12 alphanumeric characters.

To make changes and additions to your U3A site, please enter your login name and password in the boxes below:

Login name:



It is no longer necessary to enter the name of your U3A on this form. Your login name is the name which has always identified you as a registered editor, and must be entered along with your password when you log in to edit.