Welcome To Great Dunmow



Guest Speaker: COLIN BANKS — ‘Man of Hats’

Meeting starts at 2:00 pm on Wednesday 31 July, in the E T Foakes Hall, Great Dunmow.


A Note From the Chair

Dear Friends,

Time marches on! We have held our Annual General Meeting and summer is upon us. The roses in my garden though are some of the best I’ve seen.

Our outings team are busy planning several new events for your delectation and we know you will enjoy them. The U3A now has well over thirty active groups, all thriving. We are starting now to create new beginner groups as others become experienced! .Our membership is also well over 500 so that we now have enough members to be able to offer a wide range of activities for us all. We are going from strength to strength.

U3A is the fastest growing organisation in the UK and caters specifically for those older(and more experienced people!). In the past many of us would have been written off as old and past it but why? We have proved that there is life in the old dog yet and we can continue to live a long active and fulfilling life! It is recognised by Councils who have given us grants to do even more and even by the NHS whose GPS are now recommending joining instead of always prescribing drugs. I see people who are far happier and healthy now than they were.

Long may it continue!

John Versey

With Best Wishes

John Versey
Dunmow U3A



We are considering hiring minibuses to help U3A members who find it difficult to get to and from our monthly meetings at the Foakes Hall. The bus would not be free of charge but would, we hope, be affordable at perhaps £4 – £6 per person per meeting, depending on the number of members using it and the distances travelled.

In UCT minibus order to decide whether this is a practical idea, we need to know who would be interested in a minibus service. The easiest way to tell us is by following >> this link to an online form. However if you cannot use this, speak to one of our Committee members or to your Group leader, and they will make sure that we know that you are interested.

Uttlesford Book-A-Ride buses and their drivers can transport wheelchair users and people with limited mobility, so tell us too about any friends — either existing U3A members or potential members — who may not have read this but who you believe would come to our monthly meetings if we were able to provide suitable door-to-door transport.


Vice-Chair and Welfare Officer - Jane Tadman

I hope you enjoyed the Health and Well Being Event on March 27. There were stands from a number of local charities and organisations with lots of information and an opportunity for people to join us and see for themselves all that we have to offer including meeting people and the chance to make new friends whilst at the same time taking part in an activity or attending one of our interesting talks at the monthly meetings.

If you are coming to a meeting on your own, please contact me so I can arrange to meet you and introduce you to Dunmow U3A.

I can arrange for a card to be sent to any member who is unwell or bereaved. It would also be nice to celebrate significant birthdays. This, of course, does not preclude groups and individuals from doing the same.

You can contact me at » Jane Tadman.


Dunmow U3A, launched October 2015, is one of the 1,039 U3As affiliated to the Third Age Trust across the UK, currently with over 425,000 members. U3As are self-help, self-managed, lifelong learning co-operatives for people in their ‘third age’ and no longer in full time work. Eligibility is not determined by age, but by availability of time. U3As provide opportunities for members to share learning experiences by means of a wide range of interest groups conducive to learning and personal development. This allows pursuit of learning, not for qualifications, but for fun.


Can I Join?
Our University of the Third Age (U3A) is open to all in Great Dunmow and the surrounding area who are actively interested in helping each other by sharing their knowledge, skills, interests and experience. We have a yearly subscription of £13 per person. This subscription is a reduction from that charged last year and in common with many other U3A's there is now no reduction for members of other U3A's.

» Membership Application Form. — Click this link to open and print a Membership form for 2019/2020. Please complete the Gift Aid section (as applicable) and sign the form. At our monthly meetings new members can join and existing members can renew their membership. If you send the form to our Membership Secretary please enclose a stamped addressed envelope for the return of your membership cards. Click Membership Secretary to make contact via Email. [If you have a problem opening the PDF file, visit the » Hints/Tips page].