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Based on Advice from the Government and the Third Age Trust, at the start of the pandemic, all normal Main Meetings and Group Activities were initially cancelled. Main meetings and some group activities were moved to Zoom where possible and appropriate. Plans are now being made to restart physical meetings where this is possible, legal and sensible

Whilst our Meetings and Activities are curtailed we can 'stay in touch' by reading and contributing to a new ad-hoc magazine called “KEEPING IN TOUCH”. Several edition have already been circulated. The magazine is edited by Diana Wilson who is the editor of 'KONTACT 2'. If you would like to submit an Article, Photo or Joke you can make contact with Diana by using the form below. You need to enter your name and email address, click on the Kontact 2 Editor box and enter your message in the box..

Since September 2020 the committee has arranged virtual Main Meetings using Zoom software. These will continue until normal Meetings can be resumed. The committee hopes this will take place in January 2022. The links to access the Zoom main meetings will continue to be emailed out to members close to the meeting dates. Details of the zoom meetings are given in the usual event table on the EVENTS page.

Some groups have recently managed to adapt and restart their normal meetings and activities to cope with the Corona virus

Click here to see a list of Group Corona Virus Activities

If you are a member of SU3A K2 you will receive the quarterly newsletter 'Kontact2'.
This contains details on how to contact each Committee member and Group Organiser.

Most Group Leaders are on email and a query can be sent to a particular Group Leader from the specific Group website page.

In order to join or remain in a group it is necessary to be a current SU3A K2 member or SU3A member.
Potential new members can use the email message form below to send enquiries to the Membership Secretary. Potential new members are also welcome to attend two meetings prior to joining.

Members can send queries and comments to a selection of Committee members using the form below.

Comments and suggestions on the Website can be sent to the Website Coordinator.

If you are interested in joining Spelthorne U3A K2, please send a message to the Membership Secretary using the message form below. In the message please indicate if you would like a Membership Information Pack. The Pack can either be emailed or posted to you. Alternatively you can click on link Membership Information Pack to view the pack on line.

Privacy Statement
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Privacy Policy
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Data Protection Policy
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Spelthorne K2 Constitution
Click here to access the Spelthorne K2 Constitution (November 2020)

Membership Renewal
The Membership Year runs from 1 September to 31 August. The deadline for membership renewal is the AGM meeting in October. After the deadline, members who have failed to renew will be removed from the membership list. The Committee has decided to dispense with a waiting list, but if it is found necessary to again limit our membership, non-renewing members would have to wait for an available space.

Completed renewal forms can be returned at the July, August, September or October meetings or sent to the Membership Secretary. Forms are available on this page.

Click on Membership Renewal Form link to access and print the renewal form.

If you have not already done so, and would like Gift Aid to apply to your membership, please click on Gift Aid Form to access and print the form.
This form can also be returned at the July, August, September or October meetings or sent to the Membership Secretary.

Changes in personal details
If your address, telephone number, preferred email address or any other personal detail changes please send an email containing the changes to the Membership Secretary using the form below.

Messages and Queries can also be sent to Committee members using the form below.

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