Committee Members

ChairLes Fothergill
Hon. TreasurerGill Eves
Hon. SecretaryAnne Burrowes
Minutes SecretaryMargaret Plank
Membership SecretaryVivienne Vandenbegin
Groups Team (Hall)Tanya Harrington
Home GroupsBeth Green
Downs GroupsEwa Fothergill
SpeakersEwa Fothergill
Webmaster & TechnologyDavid Hitchin
Social secretary 1Vivienne Vandenbegin
Social secretary 2Ewa Fothergill


Trips/OutingsHeather Johnson
NewsletterLes Fothergill01323 891715
Tea partiesRosemary Leech01323 895598
Pub lunchesMichael & Thelma Miller892244
NewsletterLes Fothergill01323 891715
Seaford Scene ArticlesMargaret Plank
Welfare SecretaryElizabeth Kaye

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