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Seaford has joined more than 200 other u3as in adopting Beacon as an aid for members, committee members and helpers.

The system was created several years ago by members of various u3as and is now professionally managed, especially to be sure about security and backups. It is still under development to provide additional facilities.

We decided to adopt it some time ago to give us time to learn how to use it and to set it up to match our own particular requirements. We have started with the basics and as we gain experience we can take advantage of other facilities.

At present it includes:
Membership records
Course records
Email information for sending newsletters and other information.
Gift aid claims

All members can get access to view their own records and make some changes if they need to be updated.

Access is via a link on the Admin page of the website. Click on the link at the top right and use the following information to log in.
Membership number
First name
Email address

For example

BN25 2ZA

After you have done this once, on subsequent occasions your computer might autofill some of the details for you.

When you have entered this information correctly you can view some of your personal information on the system.

If you click on 'Seaford u3a Courses' you will see a complete list of courses, and 'Member' or 'Leader' will show up on courses that you have booked.

Calendars are not yet available


A list of our items of equipment will be added here shortly
There will also be a calendar listing what equipment will be needed on what date.