Convenor Information Website

"Following the confirmation of the first Coronavirus case in Guernsey you may be concerned about holding Interest Group meetings and be seeking further guidance.
The Executive Committee have agreed that each Convenor should follow the Guernsey Government Guidelines; these will change as the virus develops within the community. At the moment there is flexibility within the Guidelines themselves. Some Convenors will continue to hold meetings as the groups are small, others will add restrictions to members who have been off-island or are showing cold like symptoms, and some may decide to cancel meetings immediately or in the future. We will update with guidance should we receive any further information to support you in your decision making.

  • Convenors (a strange word which basically means the person organising the group) are the life blood of the u3a Guernsey. You need an interest in the subject matter for the group you are thinking of convening. You are not expected to teach the subject although you may if you so desire. Generally the group is set up to enable everyone to learn together. For some subjects someone knowledgeable may be needed to be involved, for example Dutch conversation would be difficult if nobody speaks a word of Dutch, but that does not need to be the convenor. There may also be a need for an expert for health and safety reasons when operating machinery.
  • The next step to convening an interest group is to find a venue. A list of possible venues with contact details and costings can be accessed via the Venues link. It is perfectly acceptable for a convenor to hold the group in their home if they so wish. The listed venues have been risk assessed but please use the Site Specific Venue Checkliststo reassure yourself that the venue is suitable for your group. If the venue is rented please agree method of payment with the treasurer (via a click on the pigeon). The venue needs to be booked. If your activity takes place in a Workshop consult Workshop Checklist and Walk leaders need to refer to the Walk Leaders Checklist.
  • Next you need to identify a day and time that suits and make contact with the Interest Group Coordinator (via a click on the pigeon) if you haven’t already done so. The group will be advertised in newsflashes, quarterly newsletters and at coffee mornings.
  • Download a Group Register add names, u3a numbers and contact details. Please respect the confidentiality of your group members personal details. Only bona fide members are covered by u3a Insurance, therefore please ensure that everyone attending is a member. Non members can attend one session as a taster. The contact information enables you to notify your members of any changes to time or cancelations. Please make sure your group has sufficient information to make informed choices especially if you are running a physical activity. Remind members if they are doing a physical active subject that they undertake it at their own risk.
  • If you contact members of your group by email please be aware of protecting each others data. Send emails to your group by using blind carbon copies (bcc).
  • If an accident occurs which results in injury or damage to property then please complete an Incident Form and forward to the secretary via this Incident Report link.
  • It is useful to have two named convenors for a group so that a group can continue if you are unable to attend. Some specialist groups will require named convenors to be appropriately qualified.
  • Please do send regular updates to the news team and the Interest Groups Coordinator (via a click on the pigeon)
  • Please inform the Interest Groups subcommittee about permanent changes to arrangements, convenor, venue or times (via a click on the pigeon)
  • If your activities use materials which you are copying please contact the secretary for licence information (via a click on the pigeon)
  • There is a wealth of information on the u3a national website in the members area
  • Other helpful resources: Resource Centre 020 8315 0199 email Resource Centre Sources-educational journal which is included with the direct mailing of ‘Third Age Matters” Subject advisers - see national website for details