We need volunteers to help the committee, social groups, and generally help out at events.

‘Volunteer Pool’ Do put your name down and help us out it will not be a problem if you are away or busy that day, we will just go to the next member in the pool. See it as a way of showing the Committee you are out there if needed.

Can you spare a couple of hours a month to help out at coffee mornings ( greet new members, help move the furniture/chairs when we finish, set up the information posters, etc ) , or perhaps assist our media sub group on keeping you informed. Or do your skills lie in tea and coffee making at one of our events! Would you like to talk to one of the committee to see how you can help.

We have loads of opportunities for members to get involved and lend a hand, to make your U3A run smoothly.

If you would like to help out occasionally, or regularly or just try it out for size!, then please email u3aguernsey (by clicking on the pigeon) with your name and phone number and details of what or how much time you can offer. we can then add you to our list of regular or ad hoc volunteers that we can call on to lend a hand at events or tasks to keep this U3A rolling along.

Without volunteers we will grind to a halt!, so sit up, stand up and be counted.