This years Xmas Day Neolithic Walk enjoyed a rare sunny and calm day follow this link Walking Group Page to see pictures from the walk

Xmas Day Neolithic Walk 2019 Xmas Day Neolithic Walk 2019 Xmas Day Neolithic Walk 2019

The woolly jumpers group has sent three batches of knitting and crochet to charity this year.

Made by Woolly Jumpers Made by Woolly Jumpers
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Up Climbing: Fun for Everyone

When Guernsey U3A were invited to try their hand at this exciting activity there were so many volunteers that a second session was required.
This is one fun activity, probably not for the faint hearted. I was quite happy with the lower levels!
The photos tell the story of the courage of those willing to take the higher heights, which by the way was ALL of this group. You are attached to a harness, so cannot go off into outer space. Hopefully the adrenalin rush afterwards was a suitable reward.
Up Climbing supports psychological as well as physical benefits, as well as being a great strength work out.
There are shorter (lower) climbs to get you started and longer climbs (higher) that require more stamina and concentration, which makes it also a mindful workout, and helps to build problem solving skills as in "where does that hand go if my feet stay where they are" or "oh no the feet have to move too!"
The Up Climbing centre at La Galaad Activity Centre is Guernsey’s first commercial climbing centre It is a safe padded environment with support from experienced staff who are regular climbers, with endless patience!
Suitable for all ages, your grandkids will love it.

Sue Knowles

Click on this link to see Photos from Everything U3A or this link to see Photos from the Mini Golf

Drawing Group goes from strength to strength

  • We are a regular group of 12 - 14 and great progress is being made, everyone is very positive and in spite of the hard concentration needed, we have lots of laughs. We all gathered together at the Eisteddfod this year to view David Fords “tiger “ for which he was justly awarded a First Class certificate, so the aim of the group is have far more entries in next year.
Drawing Group Drawing Group Drawing Group Drawing Group
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