Great Glen


Hello everyone

Membership renewals in March brought us up to a latest total of just under 300 for 2021/2022. I know a few are delaying renewal until face-to-face activity has restarted. I need to remind those who are intending to renew but have not yet done so that their membership will lapse from 30 April, so they will have to re-join later if they miss this deadline. They will no longer receive u3a newsletters in person – though it will still be possible to visit our website to keep in touch. I hope more members will decide to renew during April, and we look forward to welcoming back others at a later date.

Speaking of our website, much effort has been invested recently in setting up and improving our new website at This work has been undertaken most notably by Peter Russell and Roger Edwards, and our thanks go to them for their contributions. This has been done partly for the benefit of existing members and partly to make Great Glen U3A more accessible to those who wish to find out more about us. Please visit now to bring yourself up to speed with our current shop window and to learn more about the many activities and opportunities provided by the wider u3a movement.

The Committee is giving top priority to enabling groups to resume face-to-face activity in line with their members’ wishes, and to contingency planning in case the redevelopment of the Village Hall and the Community Sports Centre goes ahead this autumn. It appears currently that most groups are likely to wish to restart in August or September, but a few are keen to make an earlier start. So we are busy talking with our landlords and other possible providers of rooms. One member has asked us if it would be possible to arrange space outdoors with available toilet facilities in the middle of Great Glen for outdoor social gatherings. We are mindful of the effects of long-term isolation and have looked into this, but unfortunately the Parish Council is not able, for understandable reasons, to provide the access to toilets requested. After 12 April though there should, subject to government confirmation, be a further relaxation of restrictions, allowing those who wish to meet outside at local pubs and other eating places or indeed in their own gardens, subject to ‘the rule of six’.

We are currently short of at least one, and preferably two, nominations for the Committee for 2021/2022. John Johnson has to stand down for health reasons. I am sure I do not need to remind you that without a strong committee and sufficient officers, Great Glen U3A will be obliged by law to stop operating as a charity. Nominations, including self-nominations, should be sent to me no later than end-April. The key requirements are good teamworking and reasonable computer literacy. Previous experience of committee work is helpful but not essential. Anyone possibly interested is invited to contact me for an informal chat. Stay safe.

My contact details
Robert Mansfield Chairman 0116 270 8284